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Sustainable fleet

Includes all services in addition to the vehicles.

  • Overview
  • A systematic approach to creating a sustainable fleet
  • Focusing on sustainable services
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A systematic approach to creating a sustainable fleet

Do you want to take a targeted approach and make your fleet sustainable in a step-by-step manner? Then Alphabet is the right place for you. We can help you with all your fleet sustainability needs so you can systematically convert to a sustainable fleet, one step at a time. Alphabet also gives you the opportunity to take into consideration not only the rollout of electric vehicles but also everything that goes hand in hand with the electrification process.

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Focusing on sustainable services

Sustainability is also reflected in the form that various services take. However, ‘services’ is a term that can cover a great deal. At Alphabet, we understand services to mean all services that can be made more sustainable and that can help you in increasing your fleet’s sustainability. In concrete terms, our spectrum ranges from comprehensive consulting about many sustainability aspects to electric vehicles that meet your specific needs, including all services such as charging options, insurance and so on, as well as digital services for ongoing evaluation and optimisation during and after the conversion to a more sustainable fleet.

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