• Operating Lease

Operating Lease

Lease new cars for your company and have no residual risk liability. These are some of your advantages with Alphabet’s Operating Lease option.

An Operating Lease offers your company financial stability and capital benefits. Initially, we agree on the term of the lease and set a mileage limit. We then calculate the vehicle depreciation over the length of the lease. On this basis, a fixed monthly fee is agreed upon. All charges are covered by this fee, so there is no big payment at the end of the contract.

With this model, leasing charges are operating expenses and therefore tax deductible. As these costs stay off the balance sheet, company capital is unaffected, meaning positive ratios for potential investors. With a fixed monthly fee, you also enjoy more accurate budget planning. Last but not least, your Operating Lease agreement can be adjusted to include a variety of additional Alphabet services such as maintenance & repair, accident management or fuel cards.