You are looking for fuel-efficient vehicles that enhance your company’s sustainability and reduce your outgoings. AlphaElectric simplifies the integration of electric vehicles (EV) into company fleets and reduces the Total Cost of Mobility.

eMobility offers you numerous benefits including increased cost-efficiency and enhanced corporate sustainability. With EVs in your company fleet, you reduce your Total Cost of Mobility: EVs are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel-propelled vehicles and they are eligible for financial incentives such as tax breaks. Furthermore, eMobility reduces your carbon footprint: EVs have no tailpipe emissions, and if you work with a green electricity supplier, your overall CO2 emission is almost zero. Improved corporate sustainability promotes a positive company image.

Consequently, Alphabet has developed an advanced eMobility solution which provides these benefits and offers unprecedented convenience: AlphaElectric is a total ecosystem that covers all aspects of electrifying your fleet. Its holistic, structured approach means the integration of EVs has never been easier. With AlphaElectric, your entire eMobility process is guided and implemented by Alphabet.

With AlphaElectric, Alphabet has simplified the integration of Business eMobility to three easy steps:

  • Fleet Consulting: analysis of your eMobility needs and selection of EVs
  • Charging Solutions: provision of handy charging facilities - whether at home or at the office
  • eMobility Services: A to Z management from funding arrangements to additional services

Once integrated, you can choose from a wide range of supplementary driver and mobility services to complete your full-service eMobility offer: AlphaElectric provides rental cars for longer journeys, driver training, a smartphone application for the location of charging facilities and much more.

In a nutshell: AlphaElectric simplifies your Business eMobility integration, increases cost-efficiency and enhances your corporate sustainability.

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