Returning Your Vehicle

Returning your vehicle

When your finance agreement is nearly over, you’ll be pleased to know you’ll have a range of options besides simply returning your vehicle. Just choose the one that suits you best.
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Buying your vehicle

If you're eligible, you or a friend or family member could buy your current vehicle
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Extending your contract

If your agreement ends within three months but you'd like to extend it, we can help
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Returning your vehicle

If you no longer require your vehicle, you can return it in line with the instructions below
Find out how to return your vehicle

How to return your lease vehicle

Read on for everything you need to know about returning your vehicle at the end of your contract.

Before we collect your vehicle

We ask that you prepare your vehicle for collection:

- Ensure all items that you received with the vehicle are present (spare keys, charging cables, book packs, etc.)
- Make sure the vehicles MOT is valid, and exceeds the collection date by at least 2 days
- Clean the vehicle inside and out, and fill at least a quarter tank of fuel (or a full charge for EVs)
- For data-protection, you must clear on-board computers of any personal/business data. If you have any questions about preparing your vehicle for collection, you can speak to our experienced team at

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What we look for during collection

One of our trained inspectors will carry out an inspection of your vehicle, before an Alphabet driver collects it. It's vital that you are present when our appointed logistics company inspects your vehicle, as you'll be required to sign the report and confirm that you agree with the stated return condition.

It is your responsibility to return your vehicle in a legal, roadworthy condition. This means it should not have:

- An expired MOT
- A flat battery
- Any tyre tread below 1.6mm, or punctured
- Warning lights displayed on the dashboard
- Windscreen chips over 10mm in the driver's line of sight
- Windscreen chips over 40mm out of the driver's line of sight

 Failure to prepare your vehicle accordingly may result in a failed collection, which will incur a charge of £144 (incl. VAT). You can access the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guidelines here.

After your vehicle has been collected

Once your vehicle has been collected, you may be subject to End of Contract charges. These will depend on the condition you return your vehicle in, and any excess mileage covered.

We recommend checking your contract so that you can plan ahead for these or avoid them altogether.

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Excess mileage

You may be charged for any mileage in excess of the agreed total in your finance agreement. This will be recalculated if you are ending your contract early.
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Late hire

If you return your vehicle after the contract end date, you'll receive an invoice each month to cover late hire charges. You can find more information about these in your finance agreement.
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Damages and replacements

Upon inspection of your vehicle, any damage beyond fair wear and tear and any missing items will be subject to charge. We use the BVRLA industry standard to determine fair wear and tear. You can see our full list of damage recharges here.