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Immediate access to short-term or interim cars

We believe in flexibility and mobility at all times. That’s why we offer tailor-made rental solutions for short- and long-term demands. Whenever you need a vehicle – for a day, a month or longer – Alphabet Rent provides a wide range of business cars, estate cars, electric cars or even commercial vehicles from your trusted mobility expert. As the labour market becomes more flexible, the future of mobility is changing. If you, as an employer, want to meet the mobility needs of your staff but prefer not to be tied to long-term lease contracts, then Alphabet Rent is the solution for you.

The benefits of Alphabet Rent

  • image of checkFilledOn-demand vehicles for any need
  • image of checkFilledWide selection of multi-make vehicles
  • image of checkFilledOne single provider for all mobility needs
  • image of checkFilledSuitable for companies of all sizes
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Alphabet Rent meets your needs – especially in times like these

What is it?

When you negotiate your lease agreement with Alphabet, we consider all eventualities to ensure your company’s smooth, uninterrupted business mobility. At times, you might need an extra vehicle for a new member of staff, or cars might have to be serviced and repaired. Vehicles and drivers off the road cost you time and money.

With our rental services, your drivers stay mobile at all times. We can integrate these services into your lease agreement based on your specific parameters and forecasts. As soon as you need an additional car, just call our 24/7 hotline. With the support of our international car rental network, we’ll get the requested vehicle to a designated location as soon as possible.

“Alphabet had a solution ready that would allow us to guarantee the mobility of all sales representatives with maximum security as part of our expansion activities.”

André Hoffmann

Sales Operations Officer


How Alphabet Rent resolves mobility issues in everyday situations

“Whether a driver exceeded his kilometre limit or another one didn’t like his vehicle, every concern could be solved with a call to Alphabet.”


Michaela Bernemann

Head of Internal Sales and Fleet Manager


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