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Our innovative approaches to create future-proof mobility are based on key principles and methods which we outline below. As a global leader in providing comprehensive fleet management services, our leadership team provides global consulting resources and capabilities with a local presence. Take a look at the rich diversity of background, education and professoinaö experience they offer. We also provide a timeline that outlines some major developments in our history.
5 Questions to Markus Deusing CEO Alphabet
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Markus Deusing

Markus Deusing took over the position of Chief Executive Officer at Alphabet International in January 2022. He started his career at BMW Group in 2005 and has held various management functions in Germany since then. In his previous role as CCO, he significantly drove forward sustainability and digitisation within the company and, in the last two years, successfully navigated the sales organisation through a highly volatile period. In his current role, Markus has been responsible for the strategic coordination and development of all Alphabet markets. He has extensive experience in sales, marketing and communications as well as in innovation, mobility and product management.

Portrait von Juan Ridao Alonso, CFO von Alphabet International

Juan Ridao Alonso

Juan Ridao Alonso is Chief Financial Officer at Alphabet International since January 2020. He started his career at the BMW Group in 2001 in the Financial Services division and gained vast experience in different fields, such as controlling, accounting, risk management and credit. Juan has held a variety of executive financial positions in the UK, Mexico and Spain. In his last role, he was responsible as Head of Credit Management at Alphabet International.

Susanne Loser, Head of international sales

Susanne Loser

Susanne Loser is Head of International Sales since August 2020. She started her career at the BMW Bank in 2014 as Head of Sourcing Alphabet Germany. She has dedicated her entire career to the mobility and leasing business. Before joining Alphabet, Susanne held various positions at Mobility Concept GmbH and Sixt Leasing AG where she, among others, successfully led the Sourcing and Customer Care division. A true mobility person who knows and understands client needs, as well as all aspects of the fleet industry

Rene Lorr, Head of international operations

René Lorr

René Lorr has been Head of International Operations since November 2015. He joined the BMW Group in 2001 when he started in the finance area. He gathered vast experience in several operational and strategic functions. René spent 3 years in the US for the NSC and SF entity. Later on in BMW Group Corporate Strategy, he was involved in various merger and acquisition projects including the acquisition of ING Car Lease. His previous positon was Head of Target, Process and Project Management for HR Corporate.

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