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Climate change presents both challenges and opportunities to companies. However, a well-planned mobility concept can not only help you reduce your CO2 footprint – but offer considerable potential for savings. We provide you with solutions you can use to efficiently transform your fleet, step-by-step, on your individual road to sustainability. The transition of road transport to climate-neutral energy sources and forms of propulsion will make a substantial contribution to achieving your climate targets. 

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Why sustainability matters

It improves the quality of our lives, protects our environment and preserves resources for future generations. Ecological, social and economic goals go hand in hand. By reducing your CO2 footprint, you make a crucial contribution to achieving climate targets. Sustainable action opens the door to new business opportunities, it sharpens your brand image and improves competitiveness.

Reasons to act

The BMW Group has pledged to have 10 million fully electric BMW Group vehicles to be on the road within the next 10 years.

Your step-by-step guide to achieving net zero

The best thing for our planet would be a complete avoidance of climate-damaging emissions. This is not feasible, however, for some sectors to achieve overnight. But as a leader in the international fleet industry, Alphabet plays a key role by helping clients implement sensible resource management with sustainable business mobility solutions.

In essence

“During your fleet's electrification process, there is nothing more valuable than expert advice from a holistic solution provider like Alphabet."

Andreas Baron - E-mobility

Andreas Baron

Consulting & Sustainability Expert

Alphabet International GmbH

Main levers in the carbon footprint reduction of fleets

Electric cars already show a better climate balance over their life cycle than combustion engines, even if a lot of energy is required to produce the batteries. Drivers are realising this and are increasingly turning to vehicles with electric drives. Positive user experiences, reliable technology and a growing range of models make it easier to switch to e-mobility. In addition, attractive environmental bonuses now available in different countries as well as numerous other promotional offers continue to stimulate the market sharply.


If you change your fleet to electric vehicles you reduce CO2 emission continously .

Electric propulsion is currently the most energy-efficient way to reduce CO2 emissions. If powered by green electricity, an EV produces up to 81% less harmful emissions over its life cycle than a combustion engine. But there’s still plenty more research to be done on hydrogen and other renewable fuels.

It’s now not what you do but the way that you do it. The key thing when switching to e-mobility is to get sound advice from an expert partner like Alphabet. We not only show you the models, tax benefits and subsidy options that are available – but we’ll support you with your charging infrastructure, too.

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