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Background Check: How Alphabet Rent Premium changed the game for German customer Upfield

posted on 6/14/2022
Background Check

You might know this already, but tailoring products and services to the individual needs of our customers is one of our specialties. And this applies to customers all over the world. To give you an idea how this can also look like in other markets, we would like to show you an example from Alphabet Germany and its customer Upfield, who opted for the premium version of our rental solution: Alphabet Rent. Food producer Upfield deals with natural plant-based foods and distributes internationally known products like Flora, Rama, Blue Band, ProActiv, Becel and Country Crock. Especially their field staff relies on flexible but dependable fleet options. For their German business branch, the company has been trusting Alphabet with their fleet since October 2019. In this interview, Upfields Sales Operations Officer André Hoffmann shines a light on why Alphabet Rent Premium was the perfect fit for them.

Mr Hoffmann, how did the cooperation with Alphabet develop? Was there a specific challenge that needed a solution?
As Sales Operations Officer at Upfield Deutschland GmbH, I am responsible for the vehicle fleet, among other things. Optimal cost management and transparent processes are essential for me. When I took over this area in 2019, however, another essential aspect for a reorientation in regard to a leasing provider was the year-round reliable tyre management, which previous providers could not make available in the desired form. Alphabet had a solution ready that would allow us to guarantee the mobility of all sales representatives with maximum security as part of our expansion activities.


As a fast-growing company, what was particularly important to you in terms of mobility solutions?
On the one hand, of course, the mentioned service aspects. On the other hand, there was also a need for a solution with a flexible contract period that could ensure the mobility of our new field staff at a high level. For example: In our case, there were 30 new employees whom we could not equip with leasing vehicles right from the start. But with AlphaRent Premium, Alphabet was able to offer us a solution to quickly bridge mobility bottlenecks in order to maintain our current growth course.

Was this the most important fact to choose Alphabet as a partner for your business mobility?
Yes, that and pragmatism, to get to the point. In fact, one of the decisive points was the winter tyre option included in AlphaRent Premium, which guarantees us a high level of driving safety even in the cold season. As part of our CarPolicy and also in consultation with the workers’ council, we have clearly stated that all-season tyres do not meet our safety requirements. Another important aspect was the fast and uncomplicated nationwide provision of the vehicles, with which Alphabet made handling much easier for our sales representatives.

What role did the guaranteed choice of suitable models play?
It is very important to us to be able to choose our desired BMW and MINI vehicles at short notice and with high-quality equipment. This gives us the opportunity to access exactly the vehicles that are tailored to the mobility needs of our employees. In the field service, for example, it is the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, which meets expectations in terms of comfort and driving characteristics. It also offers enough space to transport goods and the necessary POS promotion materials to the retail outlets. A convincing concept for our requirements.

Man standing next to car with open door

How many rental vehicles are currently in your fleet?
As part of our expansion activities, we are growing our field service accordingly. The short-term demand is therefore constantly growing. AlphaRent allows us maximum flexibility in planning, so the number of rentals varies. Currently there are 30 vehicles.

How many kilometres are driven on average per month?
The radius of action of our employees is of course very different. We have therefore chosen the 3,500 kilometres per month option included in AlphaRent Premium, which covers the actual mileage very well and thus also enables reliable cost planning. 

What is your overall feedback?
We are all very satisfied with this solution. And I can also highlight the very good availability and response time of the service staff. The transparency in the monthly billing processes and the functionality of the tools provided are impressive – for example, the configurator for convenient vehicle selection. The nationwide provision of vehicles within a few days is also great. For most of our employees, the car is a work tool, so user feedback is rather cautious. But I can for sure say that we heard the joy, especially when there was a higher-class of vehicle in the courtyard.

Thank you, Mr Hoffmann for your valuable insight!

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