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Background Check AlphaGuide: The next step in digitalising fleet business

posted on 6/2/2022
Background Check

It’s here, our all new Alphabet App! Today’s Background Check will guide you through the extensive redesign that has been happening during lockdown. Let’s examine the improvements together and see how you benefit from them.

What is Alphabet App?

Before getting into the details of our redesign, let’s recap the app’s base functions should you not already be familiar with them: Alphabet App has first been launched in 2010 and is currently available in 13 markets: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia and the United Kingdom. It can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store and was developed to give drivers the information they need for almost any travel related situation - business or leisure. If necessary, it can also put you directly in touch with our experienced experts on the Alphabet Service Hotline and a QR scanner helps to connect physical contracts in the app. This being said, what is new? Many things! Let’s look at them by category.

NEW: Better usability from the start

Throughout the whole app we have upped the usability. It allows for users to handle the AlphaGuide more intuitively, quickly and without diversions. This can be experienced from the moment you enter it. The whole onboarding process has been made simpler and faster. Now, you can dive directly into the functions of the app. Its condensed functions allow deciding more quickly where you want to go.

NEW: More self-service

Redesigning the new Alphabet App we had the moments in mind, when users need the app the most. Stressful situations like (minor) accidents, when a repair is needed or for fine management. In cases like these, the improved usability, centred information and added features (as mentioned below) allow for drivers to quickly get answers themselves. The app also enables the drivers to use state of the art services like smart fuelling. This specific feature is currently available in the German market and will be extended to more countries in the future.

NEW: All the answers

Overall, Alphabet App can now be seen as a stand-alone source of information by operating more independently from our website. All information sections and FAQ’s have been integrated into the app, so you don’t have to leave it for the website or to call the hotline - unless you want to. For Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK this setup is enhanced by the integration of an intelligent help bot feature.

NEW: Local specialties

As you’ve already seen, some features are specifically tailored to certain markets. Those regional features are added to the also redesigned base functions that can be found in all 13 country versions of the app. The United Kingdom for example has a LCV Checklist feature. The German version entails a digital version of the service card that is used at repair shops for identification reasons. The German app version also allows its users to connect their contract easily in the app with a QR code. As of now users are also able to check their licenses digitally in the app. The Dutch app includes the so called IMIC, a Green Insurance Card.

What’s to come?

This is quite a lot of change and we are proud to be able to deliver you this new, even better experience. As with all our services, we will continue to optimise it and adapt it to your needs. Many more functions are to come regionally and internationally including image recognition and machine learning elements, which we will of course keep you posted on. Should you have any questions regarding the update, please feel free to contact us. Until then, enjoy our all new Alphabet App!

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