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Alphabet cleans banks of the Vistula River on World Nature Conservation Day

posted on 7/28/2023
WNCD Poland
Photo by Goha Kenig

This #WorldNatureConservationDay is all about the POSITIVE LOCAL IMPACT!

So, to properly honour this year's #WNCD we've rolled up our sleeves, armed ourselves with gloves and rubbish bags and got to work collecting litter along our local riverbanks - like Vistula river in Warsaw or Isar River in Munich. In Poland, most of us even got to the meeting spot by bike, scooter or electric transport, some of us took a long walk :) No matter the country the sense of camaraderie and purpose was undeniable!

We clean our surroundings, taking responsibility for the space in which we all live, work and play.

We are aware that sustainability is a commitment that permeates every aspect of our work and we belive that companies who lead by example inspire society to do the same.

A special shout-out to EACH and EVERY Alphabet and BMW Financial Services team member who decided to dedicate their energy, time and effort to this great initiative!

Watch our video relation from that day on Instagram @Alphabet.Polska

WNCD Alphabet Polska Instagram
WNCD Polska relacja
Photos by Goha Kenig
WNCD Polska relacja
Photos by Goha Kenig
Małgorzata Kenig, Alphabet Polska

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