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Buy or rent a used car!

Long-term car rental is a good alternative to having your own car, which is usually a significant financial burden. The cost of the car includes the loss of value of the vehicle we own, as well as the costs and service related to insurance, inspections and repairs, or the purchase and replacement of seasonal tires.

At Alphabet, we give you the opportunity to rent long-term used cars in an attractive installment that includes additional services selected by you.

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Individual clients

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Al. Krakowska 7, 02-183 Warszawa 
+48 512 411 393

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Natolin 56B, 05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki
+48 512512301

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Wholesale customers

Frequently Asked Questions

An account can be created by completing the data in the registration form on the auction platform.

The auction is dedicated to business entities whose activity is related to the sale of used vehicles. What documents should be attached to the application?

According to the auction regulations, the required documents include:

Auction Regulations accepted and signed by the representatives of the Participant, in accordance with the rules of its representation,
documents confirming the registration of NIP and REGON,
National Court Register or an excerpt from the central register and information on the Participant's business activity.

Yes, Alphabet does not charge you for creating an account.

No, the email address is a unique account identifier and cannot be changed. If it is necessary to change this parameter, create a new account using the registration form.

If the account has been blocked (e.g. by entering the wrong password three times), it is possible to remove the block only from the administrator level. For this purpose, please contact the Auction Organizer by sending a message from the e-mail address assigned to the account to the following address: