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Selecting the scope, negotiating rates and repeating the whole process every year with constantly increasing insurance rates requires a lot of commitment and time, and the final effects may not always be satisfactory. Fortunately, you can entrust us with the issue of insurance.

Alphabet will take care of all the formalities - we will advise you on the best range for your fleet, conduct an analysis and choose the best product. Thanks to our purchasing power, you will get much more attractive insurance rates, and its cost will be added to your monthly payments. We will take care of all the details, saving not only your time but also money. At the customer's request, we can also create an appropriate fleet policy that will help motivate car users to drive safely and without damage.

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Download Alphabet App

Download our app and log in! You will gain access to information about your contract, quickly report a claim and contact Assistance with one click.

Send an application for a duplicate to the following address: ubezpieczenia@alphabet.pl giving the vehicle registration number.

Alphabet insurance is valid within the European Union countries. If the user plans to travel through or travel to such countries as: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or Moldova, additional AC and OC insurance is needed, individually calculated and settled with the lessee.

To do this, send the vehicle and user details with a request to calculate the additional insurance amount. The lessee must give additional written (e-mail) consent for the costs of additional insurance (e.g. fleet manager on the lessee's side).

Note: Due to the unpredictability of further development of the situation and security in part of the territory of Ukraine and the recorded refusals of Insurers to extend the territorial scope of motor own damage insurance in the territory of the former CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova), Alphabet Polska does not recommend travel to Ukraine.

The need to have a Green Card for trips abroad depends on the countries of transit and destination. On the website of the Polish Motor Insurers' Bureau you can check whether such countries require a Green Card. If so, we send information about the planned trip to the insurance department with a request to obtain a Green Card.

Check which insurer the certificate is next to the vehicle documents. You can download the general terms and conditions of motor own damage insurance from selected insurers in the "Download GTC" tab below.




Thanks to the Assistance service, you will never get stuck with your car looking for a solution to a problem. Our 24-hour Assistance will advise you and help you in any situation.

Managing thousands of cars every day, we are aware of how unexpected road events can thwart drivers and how difficult it is to ensure the full mobility of your fleet and employees.

That is why we are available to our clients at any hour, helping not only to solve any problem, but also to save time and money.

We provide a full Assistance package including the option of on-site repair, towing, replacement car, as well as a hotel for the driver and passengers.

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Assistance24h/Driver Support

For BMW and MINI drivers: +48 880 300 100 For cars other than BMW and MINI: +48 509 464 464

If necessary, you can report the following events to the assistance number:

- breakdown or damage to the vehicle
- car theft
- piloting error, e.g. discharged battery, lack of fuel / incorrect fuel, lost vehicle key, no tire pressure

During the application, the entitlement to the organization of the following benefits will be verified:
- improving the vehicle at the scene of the incident,
- towing a faulty vehicle,
- parking for an immobilized vehicle,
- replacement car,
- hotel/accommodation,
- return/continuation of the journey, *taxi, *transport of the user to the repaired vehicle, *delivery of the vehicle to the user after the repair.

Under the assistance number, you will also get information and tips related to the mechanical maintenance of the vehicle (periodic inspections and repairs), seasonal tire changes, fuel cards and other areas related to the use of the vehicle.

The agreement between Alphabet Polska and the lessee (lessor) may cover some of the listed services, and their organization depends on the choice made in the agreement.

If the mechanical (periodic) inspection of the vehicle ends on the same day, the user is not entitled to a replacement car.

In such a situation, the car may be rented only with the written consent of the lessee. We recommend that you arrange inspections on time and make sure that all inspection activities will be possible to be performed by a given service.

The courtesy car is due for a period of time consistent with the assistance service option selected in the contract.

Towing the vehicle is justified in the event of damage to the vehicle, which immobilizes it after a breakdown or damage, resulting in the inability to continue driving in a safe (for the user and the vehicle) and lawful manner.

The territorial scope of assistance services covers Poland and Europe with the exception of Albania, Belarus, the Republic of Kosovo, Moldova and countries where a state of emergency, state of natural disaster or war is in progress, preventing the organization of the assistance services due.

Please note that the organization of some services may be limited by territory, time or conditioned by additional financial security on the part of the user.

Claims adjustment

Thanks to the Alphabet claims service, you don't have to worry about repairing your vehicle.
We provide professional assistance and repair service in professional workshops cooperating with our company.

Have you had an accident or a bump? All you have to do is report this fact to us. We will take care of the quick and efficient liquidation of the damage for you. We will show you the right workshop and report the event to the appropriate insurance company, we will provide a replacement car, and thanks to the minimum number of documents you will save valuable time.

Likwidacja szkód

Claims adjustment

From October 1, 2018, an amendment to the Road Traffic Act has been in force, which abolishes the penalty for using a vehicle and not having a registration document and confirmation of having concluded a third party liability insurance policy. In the case of a roadside inspection, the validity of the registration document and the OC policy will be verified by the Police in the CEPIK database.

The driver should collect, as before, the perpetrator's data and write down a statement about the road accident
The validity of the perpetrator's liability insurance policy can be verified on the website of the Insurance Guarantee Fund www.ufg.pl
If it is not possible to verify whether the perpetrator has a valid OC policy, the Police should be called to the scene

Reporting damages should be made immediately after they occur or the damage is noticed.

A delay in reporting a claim may result in the insurer limiting or denying you a claim. Reporting the damage in a short time before the planned contract termination date may make it impossible to service and repair it, and thus to settle it as part of the costs of oversize vehicle wear and tear.

A report can be made by contacting the Alphabet Assistance 24h number or through a dedicated damage report form.

The phone number for Alphabet Assistance 24h can be found in the information package provided when issuing the vehicle, e.g. the driver card and information sticker, and in the Alphabet App

Reporting damage under the car's AC policy is made by Alphabet Polska. The driver of the car should report the damage to the appropriate insurer of the perpetrator of the damage, noting the assigned number. The workshop indicated by Alphabet Polska may assist in reporting the damage to the insurer of the perpetrator of the damage.

Reporting damage under the OC policy The driver should independently report the perpetrator to the Insurer with the participation of a workshop indicated by Alphabet Polska.

In the event that Alphabet Polska does not handle claims for your car, you will receive an authorization allowing you to process a given application. To do this, just send an inquiry to szkody@alphabet.pl.

After reporting the damage, Alphabet will be assigned and indicated a workshop/supplier dedicated to handling and repairing the damage.

If the vehicle has not been towed away after the event, the supplier or workshop assigned to handle the damage during the notification will contact the user to determine the details of the implementation and the date of repair - usually no longer than within 5 working days.

Send an inquiry in this case to szkody@alphabet.pl giving the vehicle registration number and the date of the damage. Upon the condition that a person dedicated to informing about damages was indicated on the lessee's side, a notification was sent about the acceptance of the damage report by Alphabet with the indication of the workshop.

The vehicle user is obliged to prepare the following documents for the liquidation of the claim:

  • a completed and signed form / damage report form (AC or OC), which you will receive from Alphabet or during a visit to the workshop,
  • other documents, e.g. an extract from the driving license, the original of the perpetrator's declaration of guilt, a police note or report from the scene of the incident,

The submission of documents is the basis for considering the insurer's liability for damage.

The damage report form will be provided by the workshop or sent to the user's e-mail address if it was provided during the notification.

An employee of the workshop servicing the vehicle repair.

The inspection is performed by a workshop or a representative of the insurer indicated by Alphabet, who may contact the use of the vehicle in this matter. The inspection of the vehicle by an authorized appraiser is the basis for considering the insurer's liability for damage.

The theft of a vehicle or its components, as well as intentional damage (e.g. acts of vandalism, burglary of the vehicle) should be reported by the vehicle user to the police within 12 hours from the moment of noticing the damage, noting and providing the details of the police unit on the damage report form.

The vehicle user is obliged to obtain data, a declaration of fault, the name of the insurer and the perpetrator's policy number. This also applies to damage to the vehicle caused by, for example, the road manager, building administrator, car wash. It is up to the vehicle user to effectively determine and obtain the above-mentioned data and information. In contentious situations, call the police and obtain a note of the scene.

The joint statement on the road accident is included in the package of documents provided when the vehicle was released. It can also be written entirely by hand. It should include the circumstances of the damage and the extent of damage to the vehicle, as well as the data of the perpetrator of the damage, a declaration of fault, the name of the insurer and the perpetrator's policy number.

Declaration of the perpetrator of the damage

Declaration of the perpetrator of the damage - download (206,54 KB)Declaration of the perpetrator of the damage - download (206,54 KB)

You can verify it via the UFG website.

You are entitled to a courtesy car for the maximum period of repair of the vehicle, but not longer than it results from the contract with Alphabet Polska. In the event of a total loss or theft of the vehicle, a replacement car is entitled to a maximum period of 30 days from the event and not longer than for the duration of the contract. We would like to remind you that in order to avoid additional costs, the courtesy car should be returned on the day of completion of the repair or warranty, in the condition resulting from normal use and with the same amount of fuel as at the time of its release. The return of a replacement car can be arranged via Alphabet Assistance 24h.

The repair of damage to an electric car, due to its construction, must be carried out by service centers authorized to service electric cars indicated by the manufacturer.

The costs of repairing the damage are each time authorized by Alphabet Polska and the insurer in the case of repairs financed from insurance policies.

After the repair is completed, the service contacts the user to set the date and place of returning the repaired car.

The User is obliged to immediately transfer to Alphabet, with acknowledgment of receipt, all documents and belongings of the vehicle, i.e.:

  • registration document (for total damages and theft of the vehicle) or the original receipt of the registration certificate withholding by the police (for total damages),
  • a certificate issued by the police about the theft of the registration document together with the vehicle (for vehicle theft),
  • certificate from the police about the report with the VIN number of the vehicle (for theft of the vehicle),
  • original confirmation of conclusion of third party liability insurance,
  • a set of keys issued to the vehicle or a receipt from the police for seizing the keys;
  • books - service/maintenance;

ATTENTION: Theft of a vehicle with documents or vehicle keys may result in the insurer's lack of liability for damage

Please visit an authorized service center of the vehicle manufacturer to consider the warranty repair.

During the visit, you must have and present the completed service book of the vehicle.

If the damaged element has not been removed from the communication damage and no mechanical damage has been found, the driver should go to an authorized service center for warranty repair. Please bring your car's service book with you when you visit.

If a communication damage was removed on an element, please take a photo of the defect and contact us by e-mail at szkody@alphabet.pl


Towing the vehicle is justified in the event of damage to the vehicle, which immobilizes it or makes it impossible to continue driving in a safe and legal manner, e.g. damage to the windscreen, external lighting, left mirror of the vehicle. For this purpose, the user should contact Alphabet Assistance, which will verify the entitlement to the benefit in question.

After registering the application, Alphabet Polska informs the insurer about the damage and sends the repair order to the workshop. The workshop contacts the user and sets a repair date if the vehicle has not been towed after the incident. Then, the service forwards the collected documents to the insurer and, after obtaining the approval of the scope and costs, proceeds to the repair. After its completion, the service contacts the user to set the date of return of the repaired car.

Provided that the repair of the vehicle will be carried out, the original receipt of the retention of the registration certificate should be handed over to the workshop. After completing the technical examination after repairing the damage and collecting evidence from the department of transport, the registration document will be handed over together with the vehicle after the repair is completed.

The insurer may not accept or limit liability if, for example:

  • the deadline for reporting the damage was exceeded, and this affected the scope of the insurer's liability,
  • non-compliance of the extent of damage with the circumstances indicated in the damage report form was noted,
  • damage unrelated to the damage was noted on the repaired element of the vehicle,
  • the car did not have a valid technical inspection on the date of the loss,
  • the driver was not licensed to drive the vehicle,
  • the perpetrator of the damage has not been identified,
  • the net value of the damage does not exceed the integral or reduction franchise of motor own damage insurance
  • the required documents were not provided (e.g. a completed and signed claim form),
  • damage to the vehicle is of operational nature, pilotage errors (e.g. corrosion, refueling with the wrong fuel, engine damage as a result of water being sucked in),
  • the incident was not reported to the police, and it was necessary,
  • other/other exclusions of liability are listed in the general terms and conditions of vehicle insurance

Please report the damage to the appropriate insurance company and send the completed damage notification form to szkody@alphabet.pl.

Alphabet Polska will register the application and issue a one-time authorization to liquidate the claim. Thanks to it, you will be able to settle the damage with the service and insurer of your choice.

Download the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance:

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GTC - AC Inter Risk

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Rules for submitting and processing Inter Risk complaints

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Inter Risk information clause

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GTC - AC Hestia

image of report

Hestia Complaints Submission and Consideration Rules

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GDPR information clause Sogessur

image of insurance

GTC - AC Sogessur (Societe Generale Insurance)

image of insurance

GTC - NNW Sogessur (Societe Generale Insurance)

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GTC Sogessur Green Card (Societe Generale Insurance)

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GTC - AC Gothaer

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GTC - AC Uniqa

Helvetia Documents:

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GTC GAP Financial - Helvetia

image of insurance

GTC GAP Billing - Helvetia

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Helvetia GAP - information

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Financial GAP - Information card

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Invoice GAP - Information card