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Maintenance and repair


Managing inspections and repairs of the car fleet is a demanding and time-consuming task. That is why at Alphabet we take care of it for you, thus ensuring the safety and full mobility of your car park.

We are aware of the importance of regular service and immediate and professional repair of any faults for the safety of users. That is why every customer who decides to use our service packages receives a guarantee of fleet quality and mobility.

We also make every effort to ensure that the service we offer meets the highest quality requirements, combined with the best possible price and timeliness of the services provided. All vehicle inspections are carried out only at authorized service stations cooperating with Alphabet on a permanent basis.

Car inspections must be performed only at service stations cooperating with Alphabet Polska.

Service addresses can be found in the Workshop Finder. Detailed information on the services will also be provided by the Drivers' Support (tel. +48 22 820 55 44).

During each inspection/repair, inform the service station employees that the car is owned/managed by Alphabet Polska Fleet Management Sp. z o. o.

It is the responsibility of the service station/dealer employee to contact the Alphabet Polska Technical Department in order to obtain approval of the planned repairs and inspections.

Please pay special attention to ensure that the service station correctly fills out and stamps the service book at each inspection.

It is the responsibility of each user to comply with the inspection dates and use the car in accordance with the instructions in the user manual.

In order to avoid troubles related to the use of the vehicle, please remember to regularly check the following items in the car:

  • engine oil level,
  • coolant level,
  • brake fluid level,
  • tire pressure and tread condition,
  • lighting efficiency,
  • validity of the registration certificate (technical examination)

If the car returned to our company is in a condition that proves its improper use, the cost of repairing the car will be charged to the Customer.

All information about the maintenance cycle can be found in the vehicle warranty book. If there are no entries - please contact us by phone at no. +48 22 820 55 44.

Remember to perform inspections on time. However, if this is not possible, the manufacturer allows a tolerance of +/- 500 km or +/- 30 days.

Make sure that the car is covered by the door-to-door service, in accordance with the provisions of the contract with Alphabet Polska. If it is, please contact us by phone at tel. +48 22 820 55 44.

Alphabet Polska may organize an additionally paid replacement vehicle for the duration of the inspection (not less than 72 hours before the scheduled visit). In this case, we ask the customer's fleet manager to approve the issue of a paid replacement vehicle to the driver by calling +48 22 820 55 66 or send consent for paid rental to the adres

You should contact Alphabet Assistance, who will arrange a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair (if in accordance with the terms of the contract).

This ASO (service) is authorized directly at Alphabet Polska on the day of the user's visit to the site.

We verify the competence of our services on an ongoing basis and make corrections to their list. If the handling of our cars is not satisfactory, we are forced to replace it with another. Please note that when using "non-preferred" services, you have to reckon with refusal of service authorization.  

Unfortunately, no, Alphabet Polska does not exchange items for stock. In addition, it is forbidden to repair/replace components on your own.

If the mileage or date of the scheduled MOT is close (+/- 500 km or +/- 30 days), a pre-departure inspection can be performed. A "just in case" inspection may be performed at the user's or company's expense. If irregularities are found during the inspection, the repair costs will be borne by Alphabet.

In such a situation, we invite you to an authorized service center of a given brand, which will exclude the possibility of adding the wrong oil and will allow for non-cash settlement. Service addresses can be found in our Workshop Finder.


Remember that a red light excludes the vehicle from further use - the driver should necessarily call the Alphabet Assistance number to have the vehicle towed for service. In such a situation, the driver should contact the service to verify the fault. Go to the Workshop Finder. Detailed information on the services can also be obtained from the Driver Support, tel. +48 22 820 55 66.

If the damaged element has not been removed from the communication damage and no mechanical damage has been found, the driver should go to an authorized service center for warranty repair. Please bring your vehicle's service book with you when you visit.

If a communication damage was removed on an element, please take a photo of the defect and contact us by e-mail at



Tire Service


Alphabet provides a professional tire replacement service tailored to your needs. This applies to both the purchase and replacement as well as ongoing maintenance of tires.

Seasonal tire changes are carried out twice a year, only at service stations cooperating with Alphabet. Car users have access to an extensive service network, located so that the entire exchange process runs quickly and efficiently. We also take care of planning the purchase and replacement of used tires, as well as negotiating costs and current settlements.

Users are informed about the start of the trade season and receive further instructions via SMS, so the information they need is always available in a timely manner. Door-to-door service is also available. In this case, a convenient exchange date is set individually, and the car is collected and delivered to the address indicated by you.

During the tire replacement season, users will be informed about the date and place of tire replacement by SMS after prior completion of all necessary data in the DRIVE Application by the Fleet Manager.

With the start of the tire replacement season, we send an invitation to the DRIVE Application to all fleet managers, along with a request to verify and complete the data necessary for tire replacement: vehicle location, driver's mobile phone number.

Based on the information entered, Alphabet Polska employees will order relocations and purchase tires for cars that do not have them. When the tires for the car are already at the place of planned replacement, the user will receive an SMS with information on which service to go to. Users with the Door-to-Door service do not receive SMS messages, and they make appointments for tire replacement by phone.

The DRIVE Application is available in the Driver module, thanks to which:

each driver can log in to the application and independently: verify the location of storing tires for their car

  • modify your contact number
  • confirm the tire change is complete

additionally, each fleet manager can provide drivers with an extended option for self-editing data. Thanks to this solution, each driver will be able to determine the preferred place to change tires on their own.

Attention! When choosing this option, please pay users special attention to conscious and justified modifications of tire storage locations, because any unjustified changes will be charged to your company and will extend the time needed to prepare the deposit for replacement.

If you decide not to provide users with the data editing function in the DRIVE Application, as in previous years, we will ask fleet managers to complete the data on their own.

Karty paliwowe

Fuel cards


Settlement of invoices for the whole month with a fleet of several cars takes a lot of time. And what if your fleet consists of several dozen or several hundred vehicles? Alphabet will take care of it for you.

The service of fuel cards not only allows for the maximum simplification of the process of settling fuel costs in your fleet, but also enables a number of additional benefits. Cashless payments, one invoice and a detailed report are just the beginning.

In addition, we provide our customers with the ability to monitor the mileage and fuel consumption of individual vehicles in the fleet. The only thing the driver needs to remember is the PIN number and the current odometer reading - Alphabet will take care of the rest.

We offer service for BP Routex, PKN ORLEN and Shell Fuel Cards.


We support BP Routex, ORLEN and Shell fuel cards.

  • ordering fuel cards according to customer specifications,
  • delivery of fuel cards,
  • current service, among others issuing duplicate cards and authorizations,
  • one invoice per month, along with a list of all invoiced transactions,
  • online reports

  • when refueling, the driver should be prepared to enter the PIN code and the current mileage counter of the used car.
  • The driver should check that the card we provide is intended for the car whose registration number is embossed on the front of it,
  • it is forbidden to refuel other vehicles without the consent of the card owner Alphabet Polska Fleet Management Sp. z o. o.

In order to refuel a replacement car using a fuel card, the Customer should request an authorization by e-mail to the following address , specifying the registration number of the replacement car and the car to which the card is issued.

The loss of the card should be immediately reported to the phone number +48 22 820 55 40 or to the e-mail address