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  • Contract and logistics
  • Insurance and assistance
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Documents and reports
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Assistance 24h

Alphabet Assistance will help you 24/7:

For BMW and MINI drivers: +48 880 300 100
For cars other than BMW and MINI: +48 509 464 464


Did you damage your car?

Use the form that will help you quickly register and eliminate the claim

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Did you know that on a daily basis we serve over

16,000 vehicles

Contract and logistics

  • Order and delivery

  • Vehicle logistics

  • End of the contract and purchase of the car

  • Add-on Mobility

  • Telematics

Kontrakt i logistyka

Insurance and assistance

  • Insurance

  • Assistance

  • Damage adjustment


Maintenance and repair

  • Maintenance and repair

  • Tire service and replacement

  • Fuel cards

Przeglądy i obsługa
Dokumenty i raporty

Documents and reports

  • Fleet reporting

  • Contract monitoring

  • Vehicle documents

  • Fines and penalties

  • Traveling abroad

  • e-invoice


Online tools & app

  • 360 Fleet Portal

  • Fleet Reporting 

  • Alphabet App

Alphabet tools
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Table of fees and commissions

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