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Our funding solutions

Our business is built on many years of fully utilising the knowledge of our in-house experts and, therefore, providing the best solutions to our customers, based on specific criteria. While many vehicle-leasing companies claim to be able to meet your business specific needs, few can match the track record and experience we have. We understand your funding, operational and general fleet management requirements.

Benefits of our funding solutions

  • image of checkFilledA variety of options for your vehicle fleet
  • image of checkFilledSolutions for both small, medium and large enterprises
  • image of checkFilledIncrease funds for your core business
  • image of checkFilledRisk-free way of operating your fleet
  • image of checkFilledFreeing up company capital

Car subscription - how does it work?

Full service lease

A full service lease enables your company to enjoy new cars with a simple monthly fee and no residual risk liability. The way it works is very straightforward. At the start of the contract, we agree on the terms of the lease, including a mileage limit and lease duration and agree on a fixed monthly fee. As well as preferential leasing terms, you take advantage of exclusive fleet rates on a range of services and a select group of qualified partners. The full service lease also includes a number of additional benefits including fleet insurance, fuel, road tax, maintenance and wear and tear, and tyre replacement. The great thing about this fixed amount is that it allows you to accurately forecast and plan your budget. All charges are included in this monthly fee, which means there’s no large payment to be made at the end of the contract and no depreciation risk. This can be beneficial to companies who are looking for financial stability.

Benefits of a full service lease

  • image of checkFilledEnjoy new cars with a simple monthly fee and no residual risk liability
  • image of checkFilledMore stability, less risk
  • image of checkFilledOperating expenses that create capital benefits
  • image of checkFilledFlexible add-on services
  • image of checkFilledAttractive discounts on car purchases and maintenance services

Long-term rental

With long-term rental, you can enjoy all benefits of the car fleet with a comprehensive service package. Vehicles are provided for use under a full service or operating lease agreement which specifies the agreed mileage and lease term. The contract term can be at least 6 months for rental agreements or 24 months for lease agreements. The service scope covers at least three from maintenance & repair services (with mechanical service always included). As our Client, you receive an invoice for the use of all cars covered by the agreement along with a management report once a month. The monthly fee is fixed for the entire contract term and can be written off against your business income. With our flexible cooperation model in place, we can modify the contractual terms and conditions (such as the contract term or the agreed mileage) on your request, at any time during the contract term.

Benefits of long-term rental

  • image of checkFilledFixed monthly fees, fixed cost of repairs, services and car operation
  • image of checkFilledFull control of the company's car fleet budget
  • image of checkFilledFlexible car conditions in a monthly subscription
  • image of checkFilledNo risk related to the value of vehicles after the end of the leasing contract
  • image of checkFilledAttractive discounts on car purchases and maintenance services
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Cars and LCVs currently managed by Alphabet


Leasing & service

Leasing & service is quite similar to the long-term rental. The major difference lies in the number of additional services - in the case of leasing & service, you do not have to choose the mechanical service and the contract should provide for at least two of fleet management services.

Vehicles are provided for use under an operating lease agreement which specifies the agreed mileage and lease term. The minimum lease term is 24 months.

As part of the fixed monthly fee, Alphabet Polska may handle most processes related to the fleet maintenance and cover the relevant costs for you. Once a month you receive an invoice for the use of all cars covered by the agreement along with a management report. The monthly fee is fixed for the entire contract term and is a tax deductible operating expense.

Benefits of leasing & service

  • image of checkFilledFixed monthly fees and risk related to service costs transferred to Alphabet Polska
  • image of checkFilledFlexible selection of additional services
  • image of checkFilledTax benefits that allow you to reduce operating costs
  • image of checkFilledLeasing installments remain a tax deductible cost
  • image of checkFilledFinancial installments are calculated from the net price of cars

Operating lease

Operational car leasing is a solution for companies that only want to finance a fleet of vehicles, without the need to use additional maintenance services. This solution allows you to fully control the budget of your car fleet thanks to fixed installments throughout the duration of the contract. Off-balance sheet financing under car operating leasing improves the financial liquidity of your company and allows you to settle installments as tax deductible costs and gives you the opportunity to deduct VAT in the amount allowed by law.

A flexible operating lease offer, taking into account both different ways of calculating the base of monthly installments (fixed or variable rate) and the amount of the residual value of vehicles, will also allow you to adjust the amount of installments to your financial capabilities.

The cars are handed over for use under an operating lease agreement. The duration of the contract is from 24 to 60 months, and after its completion, it is possible to buy the financed cars.

Benefits of operating lease

  • image of checkFilledFavorable financial conditions set individually
  • image of checkFilledPredictable financial flows
  • image of checkFilledPossibility to set a high residual value with the risk on the side of Alphabet Polska
  • image of checkFilledAbility to choose the method of calculating monthly installments (fixed or variable rate)
  • image of checkFilledInstallments remain a tax deductible cost and give the possibility of deducting VAT in the amount allowed…

Fleet management

Fleet management service is a solution for the Clients who want to delegate their fleet management tasks to Alphabet Polska. With the exclusive management option, you can also select any other additional services.

Alphabet Polska provides comprehensive and professional services for all vehicles covered by the agreement. Once a month you get invoiced for the services ordered with us. You can keep up to date with your individual reports. With this option in place, activities related to the fleet management in your company can be reduced to a minimum. You can also benefit from Alphabet Polska's discounts in repair workshops that will keep your costs low.

Benefits of fleet management

  • image of checkFilledTransfer of administrative and accounting duties related to vehicle fleet management to Alphabet
  • image of checkFilledOrganization and management of service activities at vehicle service stations throughout the country
  • image of checkFilledCashless service of vehicles in the repair network
  • image of checkFilledMonthly reports with cost analysis and depreciation charges on your company's side
  • image of checkFilledPossibility of an evolutionary transition to other forms of financing

We will get you to your new commercial vehicle in 4 steps

We’ll deliver the best solution – no matter the size of fleet you need

If you operate commercial vehicles, it is especially important to match the vehicles funding to its operating patterns and the nature of your business. We will tailor the optimum finance solution for you, based on our long-term expertise and our comprehensive range of flexible funding options. We offer two different options for funding your commercial fleet.

Small and medium enterprises The up-front cost to purchase commercial vehicles and to install the required equipment inside of them is excessively high. With the operational lease from Alphabet, you can easily fund your LCVs without substantial investment. With fleet management services, which are part of leasing contract, you can be sure that your commercial vehicles will be always ready to go. Moreover, at Alphabet, we can provide you with standard LCVs as well as with fully converted, specifically for your business needs, commercial vehicles.

Experience counts: whatever your requirements are, our flexible, comprehensive approach will deliver a solution, tailor-made for your needs, which will be implemented by our specialist teams in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With us: - your commercial vehicles will always be ready to go - you will forget about hassle of fleet management - you can integrate advanced mobility solutions like flexible rental, Corporate CarSharing or eLCVs into your fleet