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Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a solution that will save you time and money?

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Tailor-made solutions for your company

Alphabet is one of the four largest global providers of Car Fleet Management services in Europe.
We are part of the BMW Group specializing in leasing and fleet management - from consulting and financing,
through additional services, to service support dedicated to vehicles of all brands,
including hybrid and electric cars.


  • image of checkFilledA variety of options for your vehicle fleet
  • image of checkFilledSolutions for both small, medium and large enterprises
  • image of checkFilledFixed cost of repairs, services and operation of cars
  • image of checkFilledFull control of the company's car fleet budget
  • image of checkFilledOff-balance sheet financing and reduction of operating costs

Offer for companies

Colleagues in front of BMW car

Funding solutions

Get to know our comprehensive offer of financing company cars

Why Alphabet?

How does long-term rental work?



The rental cost is the difference between the purchase price of the car and its value at the end of the contract. In monthly installments, you pay only for the value of the car during its use, and not for the total cost of the new vehicle

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Did you know...

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Compared to a loan or leasing, long-term rental is the most profitable form of car financing in companies

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Every fifth car in Poland is currently used for long-term rental

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In some European countries, the share of rental is even 80-90% of total car sales

  • fixed monthly subscription fee for the entire duration of the contract
  • fleet discounts for the purchase of cars
  • no initial fee and hidden costs
  • predictable insurance costs
  • settlement of the monthly installment as part of the tax deductible costs of the conducted business activity in the amount permitted by law
  • non-cash purchase of fuel thanks to fuel cards - interest-free monthly crediting
  • no risk of losing the value of the car after the end of the contract
  • possibility to buy a car after the contract at a price known in advance or replace the car with a new one

  • full service throughout the duration of the contract at Authorized Service Stations
  • a comprehensive package of additional services, such as premium tires with replacement and storage, assistance or fuel cards
  • replacement car for the duration of the repair

  • service and administrative activities on the part of Alphabet
  • collective monthly invoice

Car subscription

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Discover the benefits!

The subscription car rental service allows you to use the car for a fixed monthly fee. You choose the car model from our special offer and fill out the contact form.

If you have not found a model for yourself, please contact us via the contact form, by e-mail or by phone. In the inquiry, please send information that will help us prepare an individual offer for you.

After signing the contract, the car is usually picked up at a dealer of a specific brand. You can indicate the preferred place and date of delivery or collection of the vehicle.

For the duration of the contract, you use a company car and pay a fixed amount agreed in the contract every month. Matters related to car service - such as service, seasonal tire change, insurance - are the responsibility of Alphabet Polska.

After the end of the contract, you can:
-  replace the car with a newer model
- buy a currently used car
- renew the contract and continue to use the same car,
-  return the car

Check the offer of subscription cars and choose a vehicle tailored to your needs.

There are many benefits associated with renting a car. Starting from the predictability of costs and time savings, and ending with the comfort of use. Compared to other forms of financing (purchase of a new car for cash, leasing, credit), car rental for a subscription is the most advantageous option.

Monthly fees are fixed and include the costs of using the vehicle, insurance, inspections, repairs or tire replacement and storage. We also do not require an own payment, although if it is paid, the monthly subscription for the selected model will be reduced.

You also don't have to worry about the decrease in the value of the vehicle, and you can settle monthly installments as tax deductible costs.

When renting a car in the subscription, you also do not care about matters related to its insurance or operation. All vehicles are already insured, and we will take care of inspections and repairs.

For customers with their own vehicle fleets, we offer advantageous discounts on the rental of subsequent vehicles.

Many entrepreneurs are wondering what is the best way to finance a fleet of company cars. It would seem that new cars are best bought for cash or on credit, but long-term rental is the best option for small and medium-sized companies and for large enterprises with a large car fleet.

By renting cars in a subscription, you can stop worrying about additional fees related to its use. Both the costs of insurance, service, unforeseen repairs, purchase, storage and replacement of tires are included in the subscription price. Thanks to the comprehensive service provided by Alphabet Polska, you can fully focus on your company.

In addition, the subscription fee is fixed, which will allow you to plan your expenses well in advance.

You can check current special offers for selected car models on our website in the Offer tab. However, if you are interested in renting a different model, please contact us. We will make every effort so that you can enjoy driving your new company car.