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Women's Fleet - the largest industry meeting of women

posted on 3/13/2024
1. Women's Fleet BEEHIVE
fot. Goha Kenig

Woman's Fleet is the largest meeting of women professionally involved in car fleets, organized by the Menadżer Floty magazine. This year's edition took place on March 7-8 in the picturesque Mierzęcin Palace and gathered over 100 participants!

Alphabet Polska has been the main and only CFM partner of this event since the beginning of the cycle, which debuted in the previous formula in 2014. We take this role very seriously, so every year we set the bar high to provide the participants not only with a huge dose of substantive knowledge, but also good energy and inspiration...

7. Women's Fleet
fot. Goha Kenig

Women's Fleet is an opportunity to exchange experiences, expand knowledge and network - not only in the field of fleets and automotive topics, but also personal and business development, management and soft skills.

This year we were everywhere and invited participants to engage all their senses in activities under the common theme of Women's Fleet BEEHIVE! – from the opening lecture and sensory workshops, to the entire sustainable development campaign based on bees.

3. Women's Fleet
fot. Goha Kenig

Why Women’s Fleet BEEHIVE?

Cooperation, exchange of experiences, mutual support and common learning, all in a strictly female group! Our first association brought to mind networking in a well-organized beehive...

And since bees are not only a beautiful analogy to the nature of our meeting, but are also one of the most necessary insects in the world - we thought it was a perfect opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better as part of our pro-environmental campaign.

5. Women's Fleet
fot. Goha Kenig
4. Women's Fleet
fot. Goha Kenig

We would like to thank all participants for their great energy and commitment!

We can't wait for the next edition of Woman's Fleet, and in the meantime, please visit our photo galleries from this event:

1. Event gallery: 

2. Sensory workshop gallery: 

3. GLAMBOT gallery:

6. Women's Fleet
fot. Goha Kenig
Małgorzata Kenig, Alphabet Polska

Małgorzata Kenig

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