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Leasing company vehicles? Allow Alphabet to make things easier for you. We take over your fleet’s maintenance so you don’t need to worry.

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Operational leasing, more appealing than buying?

More deductible costs. Smaller investments. That’s why leasing your company vehicles is more appealing than purchasing them, both fiscally and financially. But that’s not all.

When it comes to the practical side of things, leasing is still the more interesting choice. You can transfer vehicle maintenance to a partner, for instance. A partner like Alphabet.
We have over 20 years of experience and an extensive service offering to take care of your every need. From admin to maintenance. From damage management to insurance. From A to Z.

Let us handle your fleet management. As for you? All you need to do is pay a monthly fee and you’ll never be faced with unpleasant surprises.

Sale & Lease Back

Do you have any purchased business vehicles you would like to keep? As part of our Sale & Lease Back formula, we’ll purchase these vehicles and lease them back to you. 

This way, you can keep using your vehicles and keep more capital for other things.


Discover Sale & Lease Back

Customise your lease plan

On top of our standard maintenance and repair services, we also offer additional services you can add to your lease contract. Examples of services like that are fuel management, fine management and rental service for additional vehicles.

Is your lease plan good to go? Then we’ll have a look at the vehicles that fit you and your business. Afterwards, we let you be the judge: from bicycles, and cars to vans and full-option SUVs.

Some of our services

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  • image of checkFilledDamage management
  • image of checkFilledPool management
  • image of checkFilledBreakdown assistance and insurance
  • image of checkFilledReplacement cars

Is leasing something for you?

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Which vehicles can you choose from?

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Why Alphabet?


“One of our core values is high-quality service. And that core value is one we found in Alphabet. From the very first commercial contacts to the follow-up of the first orders, Alphabet was always quick, flexible and accessible. So, we immediately felt that Alphabet would be a strong partner for the upcoming years.”

- Filip Geens (head of HR), Wolf Oil Corporation

“Our headquarters in Germany has been working with Alphabet for years now. That's why we chose them to be our leasing partner for the Benelux. And we haven't doubted that decision for even a second. Alphabet helps us think of suitable solutions and is always quick and professional - the way it should be.”

- Marco Hompes R. de Souza (General Manager BeNeLux), LetMeRepair

“Alphabet always takes the time to answer our questions and keeps us up-to-date with the latest developments. It’s because of that professional attitude that we were able to build a close-knit relationship based on trust.”

- Cédric Jennes (Benefits & Mobility Manager), Partenamut

“The Alphabet team is extremely professional and is always ready to help. When I have a question or request, they help me the same day. I’d recommend Alphabet’s services to anyone!”  

- Cathelyne Baily (Fleet Manager), Davidson Consulting

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