Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance & Repair

Does your car need maintenance or repair? You just need to make an appointment with the dealer, without any further formalities. Alphabet will take care of all the rest. Your safety is our priority.

What should I do if my car needs maintenance or repair?

The technical maintenance of your Alphabet car should be carried out in full accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. 

  • Do you drive a MINI or BMW? If so, please contact an official Belgian dealer of the make. 
  • Do you drive another car? Then you can make an appointment with an official Belgian dealer or with one of our independent repairers. Find a repairer in your area.

You choose which dealer or independent repairer you bring your car to. If you wish, Alphabet will be happy to advise you on the choice of initial service. Alphabet will handle all formalities directly with the dealer or independent repairer.

When does my car need maintenance?

You can check this in the car's owner's manual or by calling the dealer. This varies greatly depending on the brand of the car, type of engine,...

What should I do if my car needs to be repaired?

Like a technical service, repairs must be done at an official car make dealership. You are free to choose which dealer you take the car into. If you like, Alphabet will be happy to assist in choosing a dealership for the vehicle’s first repair. Defective odometers must be reported immediately to Alphabet.

My car requires a maintenance/repair. What if I need a replacement car?

For repairs set to take longer than 24 hours, the Alphabet Service Team can arrange a replacement car (unless specified otherwise in the terms of the contract). If you decide to hire a replacement car without permission, the cost will be passed on to your employer. If you are using a replacement car over a protracted period, please make sure you act in compliance with the rules on maintenance and repair.  If you have an Alphabet Fuel Pass, you can continue to use the pass for the replacement car.

Please make sure to always sign off your replacement car via Fleet Agent or

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