Tire management

Alphabet takes care of the purchase of your tyres and ensures they are well maintained. You can have your tyres replaced at any time, when worn or in need of replacement.

You can also opt to include winter tyres in your package, should you wish to do so. In such cases, we ensure that, by the time the weather changes, your drivers are driving on appropriate tyres.

We and our partners furthermore provide tyres of the highest quality, to guarantee the safety of you and your drivers.



The benefits for you?

  • image of checkFilledTyres of the highest quality
  • image of checkFilledExtensive tyre centre network
  • image of checkFilledSummer and winter tyres available

Tire switch

If you have any questions about your tires, please do not hesitate to contact our Alphabet Tire Line at + 32 (0) 78 05 00 48 or tireline@alphabet.be.

Call us + 32 (0) 78 05 00 48Call us + 32 (0) 78 05 00 48

Frequently Asked Questions about Tire switches

If your contract includes winter tires, Alphabet will order the winter tires at a selected Alphabet partner. Each September, you will receive an invitation by a tire fitting center to have your tires swapped. In early April, you will get another invitation to switch back to summer tires. For a new car, delivered between October and February, you will receive an invitation by mail to switch tires approximately two weeks after the delivery.

Alphabet has selected a series of tire brands for its drivers. These are excellent quality brands that ensure the safety of the driver.

If the tread depth of your summer tires is less than or equal to 2 mm, it is time to have them checked. Winter tires have a 3 mm minimum tire tread depth.

For worn out tires (that is to say, not when you are switching from summer to winter tires or vice versa) you are free to call round to the fitting center of your choice.

You can find this information on Fleet Agent or contact Alphabet Tire Line +32 (0) 78 05 00 48 or tireline@alphabet.be .

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Having your tires transferred is not a problem. To do so, please contact Alphabet Tire Line +32 (0) 78 05 00 48 or tireline@alphabet.be. A supplement will be charged for all tire transfers.

Alphabet does not. Some tire centres do, or you can purchase them. All costs are for the customer. Please make sure that snow chains can be used for your vehicle (to be checked with the garage). If damage occurs due to snow chains, the costs will be for the client.