Accident, damage & theft

Accident, damage & theft

Reporting damage

Be sure to bear in mind the following to ensure a swift follow-up of the damage sustained: 

  • Please send Alphabet a fully completed (both sides) and signed notice of claim form within 24 hours. To ensure swift processing, you can always fill in your form here
  • Please make sure you specify the car’s number plate in all correspondence with Alphabet.
  • Upon receipt of the claim form, you will be contacted by the repairer selected by you to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. 
  • In case of damage involving a third party, please provide Alphabet with your original European accident report form at your earliest convenience.

To the damage reporting form

Replacement car

As soon as we have your form and as soon as you have taken your car in to the repairer’s, a replacement car will be arranged (provided this has been agreed with your employer under the terms of the contract). You can use the replacement car for the entire duration of the repair. In the event of theft, you will be given a replacement car for a month. More info.

Window damage

Your car is insured against window damage. In all cases, repairs or replacements must be handled by an Alphabet-approved repairer (Autoglass Clinic & Carglass), whether in Belgium or abroad. If the chipping in your windshield is smaller than a 2-euro coin, having this repaired will prevent the burst from spreading across your windshield, whilst restoring the windshield to its original strength. 

In case of glass breakage, please contact the Alphabet Service Line at 078/05 00 48 at any time. 


In case of theft or attempted theft, it is imperative that you press charges within 24 hours with the competent authorities and immediately notify Alphabet. In which case all original keys and remote controls must be presented to Alphabet.

Please note: if your vehicle was stolen abroad, you must report it to the competent authorities there. When you return to Belgium, you still need to file a new declaration with the competent authorities. Mention the number plate of your car in all correspondence with Alphabet.

In case of loss or theft of the vehicle registration certificate or the certificate of conformity it is imperative that you immediately press charges with the police. The original police statements recording the filed loss or theft must be sent to Alphabet as soon as possible to enable us to create new documents. Copies of these police statements must be kept inside the car at all times.

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