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Tips and tricks for the maintenance of your car and bicycle

posted on 24/4/2020
Tips and tricks for the maintenance of your car and bicycle

As we all start to get used to our new way of living in these unprecedented times, we can easily imagine that you are not using your vehicle as often as before. Because we are not intensively using our preferred mode of transport at this time, we’ve come up with a short guide to what to do if you don’t use your car or electric bike regularly, and what to do before getting back on the road. Refer to your vehicle’s instruction manual for specific information.

Tyre maintenance

If the tyre pressure is no longer right, a warning will be displayed on your dashboard. You do not have to take proactive action. 

Taking care of your car

Try to keep your vehicle clean to prevent it from being damaged when not in use e.g. by the sap of trees which can affect the paint. If you want to wash your car, we recommend that you refer to the instruction manual so that you know which cleaning products to use best. 

Maintenance of the car’s battery and engine

To keep your battery life at its best, you should use the car at least once a week. This is not only good for recharging the battery, but also ensures that the engine and tyres remain in good condition and that the brakes do not become blocked when the car is parked outside for a long time.

It is also recommended to leave the fuel tank at least half or, better even, completely filled when the car is not being used for a long time.

Electric vehicles

Refer to your vehicle’s instruction manual for more information on how to service your electric vehicle, because each vehicle is different.

Electric bicycles

With electric bicycles too, there are a number of important maintenance tips you should take into account.

To prevent deep discharge of the battery, it is recommended that you fully charge the battery at least once a month. Do not expose the battery to extreme heat or cold, do not leave the battery connected to the charger longer than necessary and do not store it away if it is almost empty.

Regularly check the tyre pressure of your electric bicycle. If the tyre pressure of the bicycle is too low, the battery will have to consume more energy and will therefore run out more quickly. Tyres that are at the correct pressure also wear less quickly, which means you can get more out of your set of tyres.

Also check your bicycle’s lights and brake pads and lubricate the moving parts occasionally.

In the event of a breakdown or accident, you can always contact our Alphabet assistance on 078 15 05 35 or do so via the Alphabet app (not available for bicycle lease).

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