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This is how you clean your car the right way!

posted on 14/7/2017
How to clean your car the right way

Will you be leaving on holiday soon by car? Or are there fun road trips planned for this summer? If so, your car could use a little attention and a thorough cleaning. By using these tips, you’ll make sure that your car shines both inside and outside all summer long. 

1.    Clean your car in daylight

Obviously, it’s important for you to be able to see your car well. If you clean your car in the dark, then for instance you won’t be able to check whether it’s actually properly clean.


2.    Park the car on asphalt or tiles

In that way you avoid turning the ground into a big pool of mud or a flood plain while cleaning.


3.    Stay in the shade

Avoid glaring sunlight, definitely in the summer, otherwise there will be streaking on your bodywork.


4.    Opt for hand washing over a car wash

The car wash is recommended if you have little time or desire to clean your car. However, the safest option is a hand wash, at least if you use the correct materials.


5.    Don’t use a sponge

Are your sponge and chamois cloth ready for use? Then put them back, because they retain to much dirt, leading to small scratches when rubbing across the bodywork. What you actually need on hand:

  • A washing mitt
  • A dry microfiber cloth, because this type of microfiber cloth doesn’t scratch and is absorbs water well
  • A reliable car shampoo from an automotive specialist
  • A bucket full of lukewarm water
  • A special spray or wheel rim cleaner for cleaning the rims


6.    Use the right cleaning method

Always start at the top of the car and always wipe along the length to avoid creating ugly ‘spiderwebs’ on the paintwork.


7.    Remove bird droppings straight away

You should remove bird droppings as soon as possible, preferably with a high-pressure cleaner. The droppings are particularly aggressive and, compounded with sun, the acid in them can eat through the paint, resulting in dull spots on the bodywork.


8.    Take a tough approach to dirt

In the summer, after having driven on the motorway, a host of insects stuck to the front bumper, the windscreen and the radiator grill can be seen each time. Your microfiber cloth is quite helpful, but at car dealerships you will also find special microfiber gloves with a tougher section specifically intended for the removal of insects and other stubborn grime.


9.    First aid for stains

Is there dirt or grime on the upholstery? Keep calm and keep these general guidelines in mind:

  • Try not to rub the dirt - otherwise this might cause it to embed deeper into the fabric - instead, dab it.
  • Leather is relatively easy to clean with a soft cloth and water
  • For cloth-upholstered car seats, using a foam upholstery cleaner is highly recommended.
  • You can remove chewing gum from your seat with dry ice spray, freezing it and then scraping it off.

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