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Electric driving tested!

posted on 8/4/2021

Not many topics are so talked about as electric driving. It definitely is a trend that will have an increasing impact on our mobility in the coming years. In fact, this growth already became apparent during the past (virtual) 2021 motor show.

However, switching to electric is a step that many are (still) not ready to take. People may, for instance, have doubts about the quality and range of this type of vehicle. However, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”, says the proverb. Alphabet employees put it to the test and took to the road for a few days with a MINI-Electric.

Does electric driving really offer a different driving experience? We let these experience experts speak for themselves.

You can discover the testimonials of the other test drivers here.


Interview with Joke V.D.O.

How was your experience with electric driving?

“Excellent! I really enjoyed electric driving. An electric car drives a lot smoother than a regular petrol car.”

How did you deal with the range of the car?

“I always kept a close eye on how many kilometres were left to drive. What strikes me is that the range drops very quickly. Even when the battery is fully charged, it goes rather fast. In my case, I could drive about 150 kilometres with a full battery. Since the car effectively stops as soon as it is empty and the range is not 100% accurate, I found it rather distressing in a way. Fortunately, the car never ran out of battery.”

Did you ever feel that you didn’t have enough battery to cover the intended distance?

“No, I made sure the car was always charged enough to cover the distance.”

How did you charge the car?

“After several failed attempts to charge the car at a nearby public Allego charging station, I plugged the car into the garage at home. I then continued charging the car at a Bluecorner charging station.”

How did you charge the car at a public charging station? Did you plan to do so?

“My first attempt was planned, but for some reason the specific charging station failed to charge. As a result, I had to top up during the day at another charging station. That was not planned, but it went very smoothly.”

Would you consider driving an electric car full-time? If so, why, and if not, why not?

“I’m more inclined to buy a hybrid car. So you have a little more certainty. This type of car also seems more appropriate for long distances. As a second car I would definitely consider an electric car. At least, if it only serves to drive to work and back and you have another car for long distances. Personally, I would wait a few more years to drive fully electric. Perhaps by then they have found something to expand the range a little further.”

Anything else you’d like to say about your electric driving experience?

“I really enjoyed experiencing electric driving for myself. I would definitely do it again!"

Responses from other employees

“The driving comfort of the MINI-E is very pleasant: the car is very quiet, drives smoothly, has perfect road-holding and is easy to use. I think automatic braking is a big plus, as it allows you to drive 99% with one pedal. Of course, it’s still a MINI, so the car’s space is limited. The low range is a bit unnerving for me, but if you have a charging station at home or you can install one, I can only encourage electric driving with the MINI-E.” – Dorien G.

“Electric driving was a great experience for me! Once you know how charging works, it's very convenient. I had no stress about the range at all. I would definitely consider electric driving because I don’t drive long distances. Truly a green solution that suits me perfectly!” – Inge G.

“The driving comfort of the electric MINI was good. The car sits well on the road and holds firmly on the road in the bends I took at a higher speed. Because of COVID, I drove fewer kilometres than planned, but the consumption of the car seemed to be quite okay. I have driven more than 70 kilometres on secondary roads and the onboard computer indicated that the battery would be able to handle more than ¾ of the range, which amounts to approximately 280 kilometres. That is quite a lot! The ease of use of both the vehicle and the charging station was great. Apart from the fact that this car is too small for me (but that is of course a personal opinion), I see no difference whatsoever with a classic car. Except for the noise, of course.” – K.L.

 “Electric driving was a very positive experience for me! You can drive very relaxed, there is no engine sound and when you stop accelerating, you come to a standstill. For some reason it encourages me to drive more calmly. For the distances I travel at the moment, the range was more than enough. It never felt like I was going to run out of battery. I would definitely consider an electric car as a second car, to travel short distances in the vicinity. Unfortunately, there are still too few public charging points, making it difficult to drive longer distances. Apart from that, it was a very pleasant experience and I had no stress behind the wheel because everything was very smooth.” – Peter G.

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Our employees test electric driving!