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Alphabet expands into Russian market

  • Alphabet International and Russian customers now have access to full operational leasing products and services in the developing Russian market
  • Companies can now benefit from the cooperation between Alphabet and leasing partner Major Profi  
  • The collaboration marks Alphabet’s latest move to serve its clients and meet their mobility needs

MUNICH 28/08/2018 – Alphabet International has officially extended its offering to 23 countries, with the addition of Russia to its markets spanning across Europe, Australia and China. This was made possible thanks to a cooperation with Major Profi – Russia’s most experienced Leasing Company. Small and medium-sized businesses operating in Russia, as well as international corporations with offices here, can now benefit from Alphabet’s range of (full) operational leasing and financial leasing products. 

Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility solutions in Europe, Australia and China and now offers (full) operational leasing and financial leasing in Russia. Global enterprises that rely on Alphabet’s innovative services and mobility solutions in Eurasia and beyond can now take advantage of these same services and solutions in the Russian market, thanks to the new partnership with leading Russian Leasing Company – Major Profi. Depending on the specific needs of each company, Major Profi can also offer a wide range of high-quality services, such as service, car delivery from and to service, fuel cards, spare cars, roadside assistance, insurance and personal drivers.

Alphabet entered into a partnership with Major Profi as it is a reliable, well-known and established operating services partner in Russia. "We are happy to partner with Major Profi and strengthen our presence in Russia. Major Profi has a reputation as an excellent service provider for its customers. We look forward to working with our new partners to expand our range of services in a country with a growing economy. Of course, we’re excited to see the fruits of our partnership with Major Profi in the near future, in the form of satisfied customers in Russia," says Rüdiger Ebel, Head of New Markets at Alphabet International. 

Anton Sapozhkov, General Director of Major Profi stated that it was his intention to achieve the best possible results from the partnership with Alphabet: "We’re looking forward to working with our new partner Alphabet. This is an excellent opportunity for us to join forces with a very successful partner and expert in mobility and allows us to further develop our products and services for the benefit of all our customers. Through this cooperation, we can provide individual solutions for our customers’ business mobility needs and fulfil the requirements of global enterprises in Russia,” he said.

By moving into the Russian market, Alphabet has strengthened its reputation as a leading Business Mobility provider for global enterprises. Alphabet prides itself on its unique, tailor-made approach to Business Mobility, extensive range of products designed to meet clients’ needs, expert consultation and unparalleled insight into fleet management and mobility industries.

About Alphabet

Alphabet is a leading provider of Business Mobility in Europe, Australia and China. As such, it enables companies to manage their corporate mobility in an economical and sustainable way. Founded in 1997 as a division of BMW Group, Alphabet has extensive knowledge of international fleet management and leasing. Its comprehensive portfolio includes consulting and funding as well as smart management products and services for company fleets. Alphabet’s Business Mobility solutions are tailor-made to meet specific corporate requirements. Today, Alphabet manages a portfolio of over 680,000 leased cars and light commercial vehicles of all makes and is ranked fourth in the market worldwide. Alphabet also pioneers the creation of Advanced Mobility Solutions: AlphaElectric offers companies a holistic approach to eMobility, AlphaCity is the efficient Corporate CarSharing option, the mobility app for smartphones, AlphaGuide, makes life easier for its users and AlphaFlex, the individual, flexible mobility solution, gives employees choices and companies full control over costs.  Alphabet has its headquarters in Munich, Germany, and is now represented in 23 countries. For more information, please visit

About Major Profi

Leasing company Major Profi, was established in 2008 in Moscow, Russia, and today employs more than 100 people. At present, the company is one of the top 5 companies on the operational leasing market in Russia. Major Profi belongs to the large holding Major Auto (the largest car dealer in Russia, the official dealer for 42 brands of cars). Major Profi has reached the level of international leasing companies in Russia in terms of portfolio volume and customer service quality. Unprecedented knowledge in the field of auto business (Major Auto for more than 20 years on the market) allows them to find the most profitable and convenient solutions with customers.