Norbert van den Eijnden - CEO Alphabet International

Norbert van den Eijnden - CEO

"At Alphabet, we make sure your employees have easy and flexible access to company mobility."

Norbert van den Eijnden became Head of Alphabet International in January 2009. He combines extensive knowledge of both the financial and the automotive industries. Before joining BMW Group as CEO BMW Financial Services Netherlands, he was with Athlon Car Lease International for 13 years, where he held several positions including CEO.

Norbert van den Eijnden began his career in the 1980s, joining Mercedes-Benz Netherlands and then Volvo Leasing as manager. He has a degree in technical business administration and successfully completed the Advanced Management Program at Nyenrode Business University.

Richard Schooling - Chief Commercial Officer Alphabet International

Richard Schooling – Chief Commercial Officer

“Our top priority in all we do is to help clients fulfil their mobility needs.”

After five years as Chief Executive of Alphabet UK, Richard Schooling joined the management team at Alphabet International as Chief Commercial Officer in May 2016. With the BMW Group since 1997, and part of the original senior management team that founded Alphabet the same year, Richard Schooling is an expert in the leasing industry.

His prior positions include Country Head of Alphabet UK and COO of BMW Financial Services. Before settling into the fleet business in 1986, Richard Schooling’s career spanned finance, operations, sales and marketing in various industries.

Uwe Hildinger - Chief Sales Officer

“Our clients’ requirements drive how we do business. We get things moving every day – through our comprehensive consulting, flexible service and individualised support.”

Since September 2015 Uwe Hildinger has headed the International Sales Department at Alphabet as Chief Sales Officer. His tenure at the company began in 2008 as Managing Director of Alphabet Germany’s Munich office. He subsequently worked as Alphabet Germany’s Head of Operations for two years, followed by leading sales and marketing activities as Head of Sales and Marketing for Alphabet Germany from 2011 to August 2015. He knows and understands client needs and the fleet industry inside and out. Mr Hildinger has devoted his entire career to the Business Mobility sector: prior to joining Alphabet he held various positions at LHS where, among other accomplishments, he successfully integrated LHS Sales into Alphabet Germany.

Head of Marketing and Business Development

Carsten Kwirandt - Head of Marketing and Business Development

“With our holistic Business Mobility approach, we can already offer products today that meet the mobility requirements of tomorrow.”

Carsten Kwirandt is the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Alphabet International. Prior to taking up this role, Mr. Kwirandt was Head of Alphabet’s eMobility Fleet Business Project. As such, he successfully planned and oversaw the 2013 international roll-out of advanced mobility solution AlphaElectric.

Carsten Kwirandt has been with the BMW Group since 2001 where he has undertaken a variety of executive functions including In-house Consultant for Organisational Development, Marketing and Area Manager for the BMW Group used-car strategy.

Dr. Martin Stremplat - Chief Financial Officer

“Profitability and growth demand an innovative approach and a comprehensive business vision.”

Dr. Martin Stremplat was named CFO of Alphabet International in July 2013. Since joining BMW in 1998, Dr. Stremplat has held a variety of executive financial positions in America and Europe, including CFO of BMW Financial Services in North America and Head of Accounting and Controlling at BMW Bank.

“Alphabet continues to lead the way in international Business Mobility. Profitability and growth demand an innovative approach and a comprehensive business vision. These are the foundations of Alphabet’s sustained success.”

Jules Blijde - Chief Operations Officer

“Change is, in fact, evolution, and so it is always a great opportunity for growth.”

Jules Blijde is Chief Operations Officer of Alphabet International. He is in charge of IT, Business Process Management and Operations. Mr Blijde graduated from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, with a degree in Law and Economics. He earned an MBA from HES/Portsmouth University and has worked in the car leasing industry for 15 years, where he has become especially proficient in change management. He was with ING Car Lease International when it was acquired by Alphabet.

Raoul van der Meeren - Chief Risk Officer

“A comprehensive perspective that considers current challenges and opportunities and anticipates future events is crucial for long-term business success.”

Raoul van der Meeren took up the reigns at Alphabet International as Chief Risk Officer in 2014. He brings a wealth of financial management experience to the position gained during over 20 years in the finance industry. Since joining BMW Group in 2001, he has commanded a series of executive roles, such as Head of Capital Markets BMW Group and Managing Director BMW Finance N.V. Before, he held positions as a credit analyst and in project management at internationally renowned financial institutions. Previous tenures include time as an auditor at one of the world’s Big 4 accounting firms where his work focused on subsidiaries and Dutch corporations.

His commercial and risk acumen contributed to the successful performance of the Group during the latest global financial crisis. Van der Meeren graduated in Business Studies from the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf.

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