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Marco Lessacher - CEO

"At Alphabet we make sure that your employees have not only simple, but also flexible access to various forms of company mobility."

Marco Lessacher became Head of Alphabet International in July 2019. He started his career at the BMW Group in 2007 and held various CEO functions, among others at BMW Financial Services and Alphabet Germany. He was subsequently responsible as Head of International Corporate, Direct and Special Sales at the BMW Group.

In 2017, he assumed responsibility for BMW Group's Financial Services business in Central and Southeastern Europe and further developed the region with its eleven markets in a very successful and forward-looking manner as Chairman of the Board of BMW Austria Bank GmbH.

Markus Deusing – Chief Commercial Officer

"Alphabet is a successful, well-established leasing provider with a lot of potential. I look forward to joining headquarters to strengthen Alphabet’s position internationally as a leading provider of outstanding Business Mobility."

Markus Deusing took over the position of Chief Commercial Officer at Alphabet International in January 2020. Markus will continue the successful work on Alphabet’s core business and remains dedicated to fulfilling our clients’ requirements as a one-stop-shop for solid consulting and holistic, tailor-made fleet services. In addition, he will be responsible for the strategic coordination and development of all Alphabet markets.

Markus started his career at the BMW Group in 2005 and held various leading functions, among others at BMW AG and Alphabet Germany. In his last role, he was responsible as Head of Business Development and Marketing for International Corporate and Special Sales at the BMW Group. In his career at BMW he gained great experience not only in sales development, but also in mobility, innovation and product management, as well as in marketing and communications.

Jürgen Winkler – Chief Operations Officer

“At Alphabet we develop tailor-made Business Mobility solutions for our clients’ needs.”

Jürgen Winkler joined the Alphabet International team as Chief Operations Officer at Alphabet International in April 2021. He is in charge of IT, Business Process Management and Operations of all Alphabet markets.

Jürgen Winkler started his career in 2005 at the finance division by supporting the global organisation in various transformational projects as part of his Process Management and Inhouse Consulting responsibility. Later he took on the CEO role in Greece and supported the market successfully during the crisis years. After that, he was CEO of BMW Financial Services Belgium, before becoming the Regional COO for the EMEA Region. Before joining the BMW Group, he worked at Ford Credit for 11 years.

Juan Ridao Alonso - Chief Financial Officer

“Alphabet is an innovative and experienced mobility partner for organisations worldwide and will continue to lead the way for international Business Mobility. In my role, I will support the further progress of our business vision and build upon our solid foundations to achieve our goal of being the leading Business Mobility provider.”

Juan Ridao Alonso is the new Chief Financial Officer at Alphabet International as of January 2020.

Juan started his career at the BMW Group in 2001 in the Financial Services division and gained vast experience in different fields, such as controlling, accounting, risk management and credit. He has held a variety of executive financial positions in the UK, Mexico and Spain. In his last role, he was responsible as Head of Credit Management at Alphabet International.

Dr. Andreas Fischer - Head of Risk Management and Compliance

“A comprehensive perspective that considers current challenges and opportunities and anticipates future events is crucial for long-term business success.”

Dr. Andreas Fischer took up the reigns at Alphabet International as Head of Risk Management and Compliance in 2019. He started his career at the BMW Group in 1997 in the Financial Services division and held various managerial functions at BMW AG in strategy, quality management and accounting. Andreas has already been part of the Alphabet family since 2012 when he became Chief Risk Officer at Alphabet Netherlands, a position he held until 2017.