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International Sales

“Our clients’ requirements drive how we do business. We get things moving every day – through our comprehensive consulting, flexible service and individualised support.”
– Rüdiger Ebel, Chief Sales Officer

Our enterprise solutions help cross-border companies with large-scale fleet coordination, monitoring and optimisation.

The fleet experts in Alphabet’s International Sales and Key Account Management department specialise in designing solutions that achieve the objectives of multi-national companies.

Solving the complexities of cross-border fleets

Operating a large, multi-country fleet has complex challenges. The logistics of international coordination and complexity of local market dynamics can cost large amounts of time and money. To stay efficient you need a deep understanding of national tax regulations and always be ready to act as government and business environments change. With extensive fleet management experience across 30 countries, Alphabet understands these challenges and has the right solutions.

Full-circle fleet optimisation

With Alphabet, companies with international fleets can achieve their goals of increased transparency, reduced fleet spend, a streamlined supplier base and simplified internal processes. Your Key Account Manager, based at our Munich headquarters, provides a full-circle programme that ensures every aspect of your fleet it fully optimised. This includes everything from implementation, coordination and monitoring, through to process improvements and innovations.

The best solution through cooperation

We believe close cooperation with you and all other stakeholders is the key to success. We take the time to understand your company and environment, working together with Alphabet branches in your markets and your local subsidiaries. Our highly personalised approach ensures the best international fleet solution; one that achieves your company’s goals and reflects your corporate culture and values.