Funding Solutions

Leave your fleet financing to us. We have the right funding solution for any business.

  • Operating Lease

    • With Operating Lease, you pay a fixed monthly fee, which takes both leasing period and forecast mileage into consideration. Alphabet carries the depreciation risk on disposal of the vehicle.

    • In addition, the leasing costs are tax deductible operating costs and stay off the balance sheet. So not only do you have access to the latest vehicle models, your capital gearing is enhanced.

      What are the key benefits?

      • offers fixed payments
      • avoids residual risk
      • provides tax benefits
      • enhances financial gearing
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  • Financial Lease

    • Financial Lease is a low-cost acquisition option whereby you receive new vehicles for a fixed monthly fee. We calculate the fee by taking into account the leasing term, forecast mileage and residual value.

    • The residual value is agreed at the beginning of the leasing contract. At the end of the lease contract, Alphabet may require that you buy the car for the agreed residual value.

      What are the key benefits?

      • provides fleet funding
      • fixed monthly leasing fees
      • promotes tax advantages
      • offers competitive rates
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  • Sale and Leaseback

    • With Sale and Leaseback, you sell your company vehicles to Alphabet. We then lease them back to you for a fixed monthly fee. You thus increase your capital and save on personnel costs by letting Alphabet take care of your fleet.

    • With an add-on maintenance and repair option, your fleet is safer than ever. Last but not least, fleet leasing fees are operating costs, and can therefore be written off against tax.

      What are the key benefits?

      • increases capital availability
      • allows fixed monthly payments
      • enhances tax benefits
      • offers additional service options
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  • Motivational Leasing

    • Motivational Leasing is an effective incentive scheme for retaining existing employees and attracting new personnel.

    • Employees without a company car entitlement can take advantage of excellent company leasing rates and benefit from tax breaks. Corporations, on the other hand, can declare leasing fees as operating costs.

      What are the key benefits?

      • works as an incentive for existing staff
      • enhances employee recruitment
      • improves cost efficiency through salary, fuel, tax and fleet savings
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