Fleet Management Services

Save time and money with Alphabet’s handy Fleet Management Services.

  • Maintenance & Repair

    • Alphabet provides you with a premium Maintenance and Repair service, which covers your fleet all year round.

    • With this comprehensive offer, every company car receives complete technical management, including regular inspections and repair work.

      What are the key benefits?

      • provides top-quality servicing
      • arranges immediate repair or parts replacement
      • allows cashless payment
      • passes on supplier discounts
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  • Tyre Management

    • Alphabet’s Tyre Management service ensures all tyres in your fleet are replaced when worn, or changed out according to seasonal conditions.

    • What are the key benefits?

      • uses manufacturer-recommended tyres
      • provides extensive tyre dealership network
      • manages tyre storage
      • provides cashless fee settlement
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  • Fuel Management

    • Alphabet offers a convenient Fuel Management service for your fleet.

    • We provide your drivers with fuel cards for cashless fuel purchase. Fuel charges show up on one statement and can be reconciled easily and quickly.

      What are the key benefits?

      • reduces administration
      • allows easy, cash-free transactions
      • provides continuous mileage monitoring
      • enables tracking of fuel efficiency
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  • Insurance

    • With premiums rising annually, Alphabet keeps your insurance costs down. We do so by acquiring volume insurance packages for lower than market price.

    • We then pass on our cost advantages with competitive premiums built in to your monthly leasing fee. We retender our insurance agreements annually so that you always get the best possible rates.

      What are the key benefits?

      • saves time and money on administration
      • offers cost benefits due to Alphabet’s special rates
      • premiums included in monthly leasing fee
      • provides an array of insurances for your needs
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  • Online Services

    • We relieve some of the burden of fleet management with a wide range of helpful Online Services.

    • Whether you want to configure and order cars or create a detailed fleet report – Alphabet’s convenient Online Services make all of this easier for you.

      What are the key benefits?

      • provides comprehensive fleet reporting
      • enables 24/7 car configuration and ordering
      • presents multiple access platforms
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  • Safety / Eco Driving Training

    • With the safety and efficiency of your fleet as your priority, Alphabet supports you with pertinent training options. Your drivers learn how to optimise their skills behind the wheel and how to improve their carbon footprint.

    • By offering your drivers these training opportunities, you help promote accident-free driving and improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet.

      What are the key benefits?

      • improves vehicle handling
      • decreases vehicle damage risk
      • avoids potential insurance premium hikes
      • lowers fuel consumption
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  • Accident Management

    • Take advantage of Alphabet’s effective Accident Management service. We look after drivers, deal with repairs and towing and process claims.

    • Our professional accident handling saves you money too.

      What are the key benefits?

      • full-service accident management
      • provides 24-hour driver hotline
      • saves costs
      • reduces settlement time
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  • Roadside Assistance

    • A breakdown can happen anytime, anywhere. Alphabet’s Roadside Assistance provides your drivers with 24/7 breakdown support.

    • A quick phone call to our driver hotline means access to a range of roadside services such as vehicle towing, replacement cars and much more.

      What are the key benefits?

      • 24/7, year-round helpline assistance
      • approved process and service levels
      • national and European coverage
      • replacement vehicles
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  • Rental Services

    • With Rental Services as part of your lease agreement, we quickly provide you with replacement or interim cars, ensuring uninterrupted fleet mobility.

    • You can save money by planning your Rental Services in advance. A tailor-made Rental Services solution is cost-efficient and keeps your complete fleet on the road.

      What are the key benefits?

      • uninterrupted mobility
      • cost-saving potential
      • integrated into monthly bill
      • 24/7 rental service hotline
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  • Customer Service

    • When you work with Alphabet, not only do you benefit from a top quality Business Mobility programme, you also gain a long-term business partner.

    • We develop a personal working relationship with you, so we thoroughly understand your needs and can provide the best fleet and leasing solutions to your requirements.

      What are the key benefits?

      • fast, competent, personable support
      • round-the-clock driver assistance
      • tailor-made responses
      • additional smart tools
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  • Fine Management

    • With Fine Management, Alphabet administers parking, speeding and other fines, saving you time and ensuring punctual payment.

    • We collect and direct fines to the relevant driver, ensuring quick and efficient handling.

      What are the key benefits?

      • convenient and time-saving
      • ensures prompt fine handling
      • avoids late payment penalties
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  • Tax Management

    • For the duration of your leasing contract, we manage all fleet-related tax affairs.

    • We advise you on tax-saving initiatives and we ensure the punctual payment of local company vehicle taxes.

      What are the key benefits?

      • saves you time
      • full compliance with local tax requirements
      • proactive tax-saving solutions
      • monthly bill payment
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  • CO2 Compensation

    • Alphabet takes a responsible approach to the environment by offering effective ways to minimise fleet CO2 emissions.

      Thanks to a new international cooperation with First Climate, Alphabet provides companies with an effective and hassle-free way of lowering their fleets’ carbon impact.

      Alphabet - First Climate CO2 Compensation
    • What are the key benefits?

      • Less environmental impact
      • Improved corporate image
      • Fund of carbon-reducing projects
      • Offset of emissions through carbon-reduction certificates
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