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International Fleet Handbook

Since 2019, we offer Fleet Handbooks as an online resource for all markets in which we are represented in. The handbooks are intended as a concise overview of country-specific rules and regulations regarding CO2 emissions and taxation.

We strive to keep these handbooks up-to-date and changes to regulations will be reflected in real-time in these digital documents. In order to maintain informed about the latest developments, simply check the handbook for your country.

Of course, our specialists are always available to answer any individual questions about your fleet’s specific needs and to adapt services that match your and your country’s requirements.

Our Alphabet International operations are complemented in 15 markets by cooperations with competent mobility partners: In Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania our services are readily available thanks to our long-term partner Business Lease. Portugal is covered by our partner Finlog, Ireland by our partner Denis Mahony (Contract Rentals) T/A Avis Fleet Solutions, Serbia by our partner AKS Fleet Solutions, Russia by our partner Major Profi and Turkey by our partner Hedef Filo! Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Greece are served by our partner Autohellas SA. Furthermore, Brazilian market is covered by our business partner Unidas, and Alphabet in Norway is represented by AUTO PLAN.

For more informations on our cooperations please head here.