Case study: TPHCom


Case Study: TPHCom

Nowadays, extensive changes in companies are increasing. TPHCom, a German communication service provider from Münster, was confronted with losing their fleet. The reason being a takeover of the company with the fleet remaining property of the previous owner. Consequently the company had to arrange a flexible mobility solution within a short period of time. Therefore, TPHCom decided to opt for AlphaRent, the flexible rental solution from Alphabet.

Since more than one year, TPHCom covers their fleet with a long-term rental option. According to Michaela Bernemann, Head of Internal Sales and Fleet Manager at TPHCom, “personal consulting, fast availability of the vehicles as well as high flexibility were decisive to go for AlphaRent”. Due to a large pool of cars, AlphaRent customers can choose their preferred equipment. “We always find the desired model with the preferred equipment for our employees and can even consider individual wishes of the drivers, let it be a head-up display or a trailer coupling”, said Michaela Bernemann.

The cars are available within two days after the reservation and can be delivered to the given address in Germany, without additional costs. The rental period of up to nine months reduces administrative effort due to less frequent vehicle replacements. In case of an accident AlphaRent customers can contact a 24h hotline in order to substitute a vehicle within two days. According to TPHCom’s fleet manager, they are pleased about the personal contact to Alphabet: “Whether a driver exceeded his kilometre limit or another one didn’t like his vehicle, every concern could be solved with a call to Alphabet.” The reason for this are individual contact persons and small service teams which react quick, competent and reliable. “I rarely experienced a company as service oriented as Alphabet. Both, TPHCom and Alphabet, focus on their customers, enable direct and personal cooperation and can, therefore, move forward (make change happen)”, explains Michaela Bernemann. That might be the reason for the successful partnership between Alphabet and TPHCom.

Michaela Bernemann, Head of Internal Sales and Fleet Manager at TPH-Com and Sebastian Siemssen, AlphaRent Consultant at Alphabet Germany

Key findings at a glance

  • Pool of 1.600 vehicles
  • TPHCom had 3295 rental days in 2017
  • Average rental period of 3,5 months
  • Their most booked car is the BMW 320d


AlphaRent as a mobility solution was beyond TPHCom’s expectations because of the high level of service and customer-orientation. Another positive aspect is the flexibility of rental periods for a wide range of available cars.

Claudia Bauer

International Marketing Communications Manager