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Driving Sustainability Innovation: Alphabet and Plan A Join Hands to Empower Fleet Businesses Worldwide with Next-Generation Decarbonisation Managing Tool

posted on 7/5/2023
European Fleet Emission Monitor

MUNICH 11/07/2023 – Alphabet, the renowned leasing and mobility provider, has announced a new collaboration with Plan A, a leading corporate carbon accounting, decarbonisation, and ESG reporting software provider. This partnership will enable Alphabet to offer a new carbon accounting, monitoring, and emissions reduction tool, the Alphabet Carbon Manager, which will facilitate sustainable and economic decision-making as well as encourage appropriate actions by fleet managers. The tool is the result of a comprehensive, multi-level consulting model that provides its customers with a structured approach to electrify their fleets, ultimately helping them to reduce their carbon emissions.

The calculations and decarbonisation solutions in Alphabet’s Carbon Manager are fully aligned with internationally recognised scientific methodologies and standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and certified by the renowned global certification and auditing service provider TÜV Rheinland. By incorporating in-house CO₂-consulting, the leasing and mobility provider takes a significant step forward in establishing it as one of two pillars in its business service offering, in addition to E-mobility consulting. This partnership is part of Alphabet's ongoing efforts to offer environmentally responsible business services and make a positive impact on the environment.

Connecting the dots: A holistic approach solves complex challenges
With its just released European Fleet Emission Monitor (EFEM) study, Alphabet shed light on the importance of sustainability in the decision-making processes of companies in the B2B sector: An overwhelming 64 percent of fleet managers surveyed emphasised the utmost importance of emission reduction for their companies, significantly influencing their decisions regarding future fleets. It highlights sustainability as a crucial factor for business decisions of fleet managers while simultaneously highlighting that numerous companies neglect CO₂ monitoring due to limited options. The results emphasise the urgent need for businesses to adopt sustainable practices and implement effective measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Alphabet is committed to supporting its customers in their pursuit of sustainable mobility solutions and looks forward to collaborating with them to build a greener future. “The reasons why companies don’t know their fleet’s actual emission value vary. However, the lack of a holistic monitoring tool being the most pressing one”, says Markus Deusing, CEO Alphabet International. “This is the most striking insight we’ve gained with our EFEM. As a mobility provider, we are conscious of our responsibility to support our customers even better in monitoring. That's why I'm very happy to announce today the collaboration with Plan A which will give our customers access to an exclusive, jointly developed Emissions Manager as a part of our holistic consulting approach with Alphabet Emission Consulting that will contribute to reaching their sustainability targets. We know that the fleet is only one part of the carbon emissions from our customers. And with Plan A, we have a reliable partner which is also capable of supporting our customers with a global carbon accounting project including all other business fields related to carbon emissions besides fleet.”

Mobility made easy: The Alphabet Carbon Manager simplifies decarbonisation efforts
The Berlin, Paris, and London-based company Plan A has developed a Sustainability Platform empowering businesses to self-manage their entire net-zero journey – from data collection over emissions calculation, target setting, and decarbonisation planning to compliant reporting – in one central SaaS hub.

Carbon Account Manager Dashboard

As of the beginning of the second half of the year, Alphabet’s customers can exclusively access these state-of-the-art Fleet Carbon Manager, processes, and expertise via Plan A. It helps them track and analyse their emissions according to the standard practices of the GHG (Greenhouse Gas) protocol and identify actions to reduce their carbon emissions. The science-based SaaS solution also allows benchmarking with other fleets and is the first of this scope and capabilities across the whole industry.

“Road transport makes up for more than a quarter of total carbon emissions in the EU and thus holds enormous potential for decarbonisation,” says Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A. “We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with Alphabet today to join forces in the fight against climate change. Together, we’ll equip fleet managers across Europe with the tools and services they need to get full visibility on their emissions, transform and future-proof their fleets and businesses, and comply with current and upcoming regulatory requirements.”

The primary objective of Alphabet, in collaboration with Plan A, is to empower customers to understand the carbon footprint generated by their fleet. This understanding will enable them to make informed decisions aimed at reducing their emissions and, ultimately, contribute to mitigating the impacts of climate change.

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