Industry Trends 2017

Alphabet's CEO, Norbert van den Eijnden is sharing his insights into the top 2017 industry trends with us.

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What’s next for carsharing?

Carsharing and the sharing economy make regular appearances here on the Alphabet blog. Frankly, it is a topic we at Alphabet never tire of, especially when it involves keeping people moving. Today I am back with a fresh new perspective that looks at where things stand – and where it all might be heading.

When we share, everyone profits

Whether it’s renting a flat for leisure or business travel or opting in to a carsharing scheme, people worldwide are in the middle of a sharing frenzy. Why book a traditional hotel or procure your own car when there are excellent alternatives based in the economy of sharing? Ones, by the way, that are typically more affordable and often more convenient than their traditional counterparts.

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