How to safely drive light commercial vehicles: an interview with traffic safety expert, Bernd Herbener

Driver training for light commercial vehicles, ©ACE Auto Club Europa

Today there´s a growing number of light commercial vehicles (LCVs) on the road. But, neither passenger car drivers nor lorry drivers, are aware of the recommended LCV safety precautions. Here, Bernd Herbener, moderator for traffic safety at Auto Club Europe (ACE), gives us all some invaluable insight and expert tips on improving safety at the wheel of an LCV. ACE is a leading car club in Germany that, in addition to providing roadside assistance, offers a wide spectrum of driver training courses, including driver training for LCVs.

Three questions to Julius van de Laar

“Use data in a smart way, but in the end it’s a question of authenticity and your story”. For the latest contribution to our series “Three questions to…” we interviewed Julius van de Laar, a digital strategist and former election campaign consultant for US-President Barack Obama.

Drones: Good or Bad for Mobility?

Drones and Business Mobility?

Sensational-sounding headlines in the media like “Amazon unveils futuristic plan: Delivery by drone” left many (myself included!) initially wondering if it was a farce. Now, of course, we know the e-commerce giant is dead serious. If the company gets its way, drones will deliver packages, using low-altitude airspace, deemed “drone zones” in the not so distant future.

A flying EV? The Volocopter comes close

Picture first flight Volocopter, flying EV, Business Mobility of the future?

Only recently have I returned from my visit in Karlsruhe. Initially, I went there to take part in in city’s 300th Birthday celebration; yet, I ended up seeing something beyond my expectations. The “Volocopter”. The futuristic-looking machine immediately attracted my attention. By now I can call myself a fan of this project. In essence it is the world’s first flying personal electric vehicle (EV).


ITU part 2: Where are we headed? Smart data knows the answer

Subway London, Business Mobility, Alphabet International

A few years back the term ‘big data’ was, well, big. Nearly everyone was quick to jump on the big data trend, which, it turns out, was destined for big problems. As it turns out, no one really knows what to do with so much unorganised information.

ITU part 1: Celebrating communication’s progress. And mobility’s future

Motherboard as image for the International Telecommunication Union

150 years. That’s how long ago the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the UN agency for information and communication technologies (ICT) was founded. Back when the most common forms of communication involved ships, telegraph services – and a lot of patience.

Mobility magicians

swimming islands

Our post-modern world is one of growing complexity. Data is being passed around the globe at all times making it difficult to keep track of where it ends up and what it means. Yet, it is important to realise that not all of human kind is immersed in the information and communication technology age. Consequently, our information civilisation is not an adequate representation of mankind as whole. Myriad of ethnic groups living in remote areas remain untouched by technological advances. Meet one of the most famous tribes of Peru, the Uros – ancient inhabitants of Lake Titicaca. They (used to) celebrate mobility as a life insurance.

And the winner of a license number is …

wheel of fortune

Buy a car, get the license number, now you’re ready to hit the road. At least that’s standard procedure in a large part of the world. But since the introduction of quotas for license numbers, things work a little differently in China’s metropolises. In Shenzhen, for example, the eighth and latest Chinese city to introduce a quota, license numbers are only available at a weekly Monday auction or via a lottery. It takes patience and a little luck before you can get behind the wheel.

Make way for e-scooters

BMW C evolution in the city

Forecasts show that the world’s population will become increasingly urban in the years and decades to come. One consequence: a growing demand for alternate modes of transportation. With the rate of car ownership dwindling in Europe, and public transport systems already at full capacity, cities and their inhabitants need efficient and flexible alternatives. Enter the electric scooter.


Who’s flying where: top trends in air travel

Who’s flying where: top trends in air travel

Today being mobile is a defining characteristic in our lives and it’s easier to feel connected to those who, in distance terms, are far away. It’s not unthinkable for professionals to drive halfway across the country to attend an hour-long meeting with customers. Or to fly to a neighbouring one for a weekly jour fixe. Sausage and sauerkraut for lunch, bœuf bourguignon for dinner.