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Background check: Long time no drive? Expert tips on vehicle maintenance during exit restrictions.

posted on 6/14/2022
Background Check Maintenance

Business trips as well as private ones have become fewer as the COVID-19 lockdown started. Naturally, some cars have been much less in use, in some cases for weeks in a row. To keep your vehicle in good shape we have collected some tips to #StartTheRestart.

In many countries lockdown measures have been eased. While the virus remains a problem, public transport is not the best option for most. Company cars are thus more important than ever. Equally important for drivers about to set off again, as well as those still not using their vehicles, is to maintain the health of the  company car. We understand that ensuring vehicles are roadworthy after a sustained period of inactivity will therefore be a high priority for fleet managers and drivers alike. 

 Tip #1: Battery levels

Vehicles remaining stationary for considerable amounts of time, along with short and infrequent journeys, mean that batteries might not be charged for long enough and drivers are at a risk to find themselves stranded with reduced access to roadside assistance support. A good way to prevent this kind of problem is to start the vehicle for 15 minutes every week. This can be done while it is sat on the drive or during the weekly trip to the supermarket. If it’s a petrol vehicle, this will also prevent the engine from being flooded with fuel.

Tip #2: Tyre pressure     

As society begins to slowly return to the new normal, some things are still less ‘on demand’ as they once were. Service, maintenance and repair centres are likely to have a backlog of customers already waiting for their vehicles to be serviced. Tyres will form a big part of this, and are often an overlooked element of the vehicle. To spare you and your team the inconvenience of burst tyres make sure to check pressure before returning to the road.

 Tip #3: Fluid levels

Similarly to tyres, a look under the hood of the vehicle before going back to business can save unnecessary nuisances. Just a quick check of the fluid levels could be the difference between making it from A to B, or having to call for roadside assistance on route. Ensure both the oil and water levels are at the correct level before setting off so the car is good to go.

Should a problem occur regardless, always feel free to contact us via our hotline or the AlphaGuide app. We and our service partners are here for you (also check our 5 questions to Marco Heistermann from Carglass®). If a replacement car is needed we have our rental solution AlphaRent in place to bridge any mobility gaps. Together we will successfully #StartTheRestart!

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