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posted on 6/15/2022
Alphabet Rent has always been excellent to fill spontaneous mobility gaps, such as vehicles for intermittent employees or as replacement cars. This particular flexibility becomes especially important now that life is somewhat unsteady. Just as you are used to the individual solutions of our leasing options, you can also rely on the flexibility of the Alphabet rental services. We are here for you to provide you with tailormade offers for short- and long-term demands. This means for instance:


As the labour market becomes more flexible, the future of mobility is changing. The needs of your team might be different now than before COVID-19. If you want to meet them quickly and without a long-term commitment, we are here to help. Whenever you need a vehicle – for a day, a month or longer – Alphabet Rent provides a wide range of multi make cars. We do not believe in heaps of administration but in simple processes and saved time. Alphabet Rent provides a flexible solution for the exact period of time necessary with daily pro rata billing for large, medium and small enterprises. We understand your needs and help you to get going as quickly and efficiently as possible. To this end, our processes are streamlined and tailored to your needs.

Delivery and hygiene

The dream for the future is to equip streets and highways with power sources that vehicles can connect to and charge while driving. This would not only eradicate the topic of reach entirely, but also means that batteries could be smaller and therefore lighter and less resource intensive. One system to charge vehicles on the go has recently been introduced in Germany. The installation that looks and works similarly to tramways, allows trucks to connect to an overhead power line on the highway. Sweden’s approach to this is to provide embedded highway rails, which follows the same principle. Looking forward, inductive charging could allow vehicles to charge without even having to connect to the asphalt, making this the ultimate EV fantasy.

For the magnetism to work its magic, the car must be placed in the exact right spot, which makes parking somewhat harder. Micro-navigation systems are therefore the perfect companion to an inductive system, taking over this task. However, this option is currently mostly useful for hybrid vehicles. To power up fully-electric cars in a reasonable time frame, the current power flow is still too low. This is due to safety concerns, as a strong magnetic field would affect its surroundings and could endanger humans and animals.

Wide selection

Business vehicles have always been something like an office on wheels. Alphabet Rent is the perfect way for you to learn and try out new ways of working, with practical and future-oriented options. If you want to meet the mobility needs of your staff but prefer not to be tied to long-term lease contracts, Alphabet Rent is the solution for you. For example in case of a temporary need for LCVs. If Electric vehicles seem to be fitting for your fleet but you are not sure about it yet, you can test them and use Alphabet Rent for a short-term discovery period.

Should you have any questions on these topics or want to find out how the rentals in your specific country and case are cleaned and equipped, reach out to your local contact person at any time. Or find more information on our website.

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