Data Privacy Statement

In order to use the services within the Alphabet app, it is necessary that we receive Personal Data from you. The protection of your Personal Data is important to us. We will therefore process and use your data carefully for specific purposes in line with the general terms and conditions of Alphabet app you have agreed upon and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

The following sections describes how we collect, use and process Personal Data. Additionally, the services within the app differ by country and/or app version.


A. Who is responsible for data processing operations?

As defined by the basic EU data protection regulations, Alphabet (hereinafter referred to as "Alphabet" and/or "we" and/or "us"), , is responsible for the processing of your Personal Data in this app. Alphabet is part of the BMW Group, with BMW AG being its parent company.

Unless otherwise specified, Alphabet partners are legally and economically autonomous companies and not part of Alphabet. This data protection notice also describes some processing of your data by Alphabet partners. However, it might be that Alphabet partners acquire other Personal Data and have their own data protection information. In this case, you can find out in the data protection information of the respective Alphabet partner how your data are used there.

B. What personal data does the Alphabet app collect?

  • Contact data
    • e.g. first name, family name or email which directly identifies you
  • Contract data
    • e.g. contract number or mobility service data which is vehicle centric data for e.g. vehicle identification number/vehicle registration number
  • Location based data: 
    • your position on the map in relation to the POI search
    • the start and end point in Ride registration
    • your location of accident in Damage report
    • your location in Road Side Assistance
  • Customer Interaction Data
    • e.g. mobile app usage (app screens opened by users, time spend per screen by users, amount of times of opened screens by user. crashes per user)
    • e.g. device identifiers such as IDFV (iOS) / UUID (Android)
    • e.g. Push Notification Token

C. Why does the Alphabet app collect this personal data? 

  • Contact data 
    • is collected to verify or distinguish you from other users and in some cases for contact purposes, e.g. to email you about a response with regard to your feedback
    • may be processed in order to notify users of maintenance or service orientated updates. This does not include direct marketing or promotional content.
  • Contract Data
    • are collected in the app features where it is necessary to identify or link your contract options and also the vehicle in question
  • Location based data:
    • in the Points of Interest (POI) search your position on the map is only used to ascertain your actual position in relation to what is near you. This is only stored on your phone.
    • the Ride registration app collects only your start and end-point to indicate your journey points. This is only stored on your phone.
    • Damage report collects the place of the accident in your report to assist in claim proceedings. This is stored both on your phone and processed by your local Alphabet department responsible for Damage Reporting.
    • Road Side Assistance collects your location in order to be able to send help to exactly where you are. This is processed by your local Alphabet department responsible for Road Side Assistance and the selected Road Side Recovery third party.
  • Customer Interaction Data
    • This data may be used to conduct pseudonymised technical analysis on app usage as well as to improve the app through performance and usability optimization, including bug fixing and app malfunction.
    • Device identifiers or tokens will be processed in order to enable app functionality such as push notifications. Users have the choice to enable/disable the push notifications within their devices Operating Systems and additionally within the Alphabet app settings.


D. Who Alphabet app might share the personal data with?

  • Customer Interaction Data

    • Damage report - your personal data will be processed internally only by the Alphabet department responsible for Damage Reports in your market, except in the following countries where it is transferred to third party processors, that is, in Spain (, Sweden (lfz. se) and Switzerland ( 

    • Request service -your personal data will be processed either internally by Alphabet or passed on to an external third party. In the event that a service request is processed by a third party you will be directly linked to the respective platform of the third party. The Alphabet department is responsible for servicing your booking in your respective market, except in Spain where it is transferred to a third party (;

    • Expense & refund -your personal data will be processed internally only by the Alphabet department?responsible for expenses & refunds in your market Feedback function - your personal data is processed internally within Alphabet only.

    • License Check - This is a service only available for the German market, offered by a third party TCS. Personal data will be processed by TCS in order to conduct the license check.

  • Customer Interaction Data
    • Device identifiers and push notification tokens can be shared with Airship (this is the selected push notifications provider for AlphaGuide)

All the other features not listed above do not share any personal data at all.

E. How long does the Alphabet app store your personal data?

  • On the phone:
    •  You have control on what personal data is stored on the phone and for how long. As long as you do not actively delete your personal data yourself or uninstall AlphaGuide, your data will remain on the phone.
  • On AlphaGuide's Database:
    • Personal Data like your email-address and your contract number stored in Alphabet app database will be deleted when you actively make use of the 'delete all my data' option within the app or in the case that inactivity (dormant users) of five years is detected. Other contractual related Personal Data such as your contract or damage report info is subject to the applicable legal retention periods of your Alphabet market.
    • Mobile app pseudonymised usage analytics data will deleted after 24 months.

F. Your Privacy Rights?

  • Right to access - You can view your personal data contained within Alphabet app at any time via the SETTINGS and MY PERSONAL DATA pages
  • Right to rectify - You can correct your personal data contained within the Alphabet app by clicking on the pencil icon or edit button under your profile icon
  • Right to delete - You can delete your personal data within the Alphabet app via the data field section or SETTINGS and scrolling to the DELETE MY ALPHABET ACCOUNT option.
  • Right to portability - You can download all your personal data within the Alphabet app onto your device by making use of the 'download' option on MY PERSONAL DATA page.

*The above mentioned privacy rights actions performed within the Alphabet mobile app do not?equal to a Subject Access Request to Alphabet. In order to exercise your privacy rights on your other personal data please contact your Alphabet market directly.

"Please visit for additional information on how Alphabet processes your personal data.