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Alphabet sets the tone for Business Mobility with new image movie

posted on 6/14/2022
 Alphabet sets the tone for Business Mobility with new image movie

Alphabet delivers innovative and holistic solutions that drive your business forward

Alphabet International has released a new image movie that demonstrates its commitment to become the leading provider of Business Mobility. With an extensive portfolio of holistic products and services, from operational leasing and fleet management to innovative rental, carsharing and eMobility, there is an individual solution for every organisation. Alphabet assists businesses, from start-ups to established corporations, to implement comprehensive and cost-effective mobility schemes.

Alphabet is present in 30 countries worldwide and is consistently expanding its global presence. The commitment to offer seamless mobility services to as many customers as possible is reflected in the OneNet network of partners, who serve Alphabet’s international customers abroad.

The film depicts the fast-paced and connected world of today and how Business Mobility should look like in a globalised world. With personalised support and guidance, as well as a customer-centric approach, Alphabet delivers mobility solutions that drive businesses forward.

The image movie was a creative collaboration undertaken by brand management agency Track and production company Saint Berlin. Creative Director Reza Ramezani and Director Christof Schröter worked with Producer Felix Strüve and Production Manager Henning Strüve to bring Alphabet’s vision to mind.

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