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Alphabet Remote Logbook – entry #2

posted on 6/2/2022
Remote logbook 2

People all over the world have been working remotely for several weeks now. And so have we. In our second logbook entry, another colleague of Alphabet will give you a glimpse of her office at home and her new way of working. After a great start to the series with Marcella Catanzaro, it is now Stefka Popova from our sales team who will take you behind the scenes of her remote work spaces.

As an International Sales Manager, Stefka works in the New Business Team and is responsible for the Region Central, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. We were wondering, Stefka, how does it feel for you to be working from home so far?

First of all, I’m very happy that business has continued so smoothly for us. We were all able to settle into the new routine pretty quickly. It took some adjusting, of course, but I’m pretty content with how things are going. I feel like everyone is in very good spirits, considering the situation. I won’t deny that I feel a bit cooped up after seven weeks though. But everything is still ok.

How do you deal with the constricted situation?

One of my clients actually works from his car sometimes, parked in the forest simply to have a change in scenery. People really get creative these days, you have to admire that. For me, going for a run in the morning and for a walk during lunchtime really helps me to clear my head. I think it is important to establish some new routines and stick to them. That also means regularly taking breaks. I think you tend to skip lunch more easily if you are not surrounded by your colleagues. It’s important to be mindful of these things.

How has the daily business changed for you?

Travelling was a big part of my business week before. Sometimes I spent 2 or 3 days a week visiting clients. Not to travel  saves me some time, of course, , but I have to say that time is usually very well invested. Seeing eye to eye with the clients is indispensable in my opinion and I really miss it. Even though digital communication is working out great, I can’t imagine communicating only digitally in the long run. There’s just a different feeling to holding a meeting if you’re in the same room. You get a better feeling for the mood and the people.

Woman sitting on couch with laptop and headphones on

Do you ever get feedback from the clients concerning this?

The clients are very understanding and accommodating. Except for suspending travel, there hasn’t been much difference in the daily business routine and that is also what my clients appreciate. My contacts are also all working remotely at the moment and we mostly talk via skype or similar online tools, which works out very well, except for the odd network issue.

How is the team spirit?

We are generally organised in teams of two. There’s always a Sales Manager, like myself, and a Lease Consultant who take care of a client together. We work very closely together and we tune into each other pretty well after a while. It’s especially nice right know to have someone you know well and who knows you by your side. It definitely makes things easier if you can anticipate what the other person is going to do without having to be in the same room. The overall team spirit is excellent, I must say. The situation has really brought us together even more.

Thank you, Stefka, for taking the time and us into your home office!

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