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New Video Format for the Leasing and Mobility Industry: #AlphabetOnAir

posted on 10/9/2023
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Exciting times lie ahead, and we are proud to present our brand-new video format #AlphabetOnAir to you. As a trusted voice in the industry, we believe it's our duty to stay at the forefront of relevant discussions. In our very first episode, our guests dive deep into a topic that has significant implications for our future and it’s just the right time for it: Carbon Accounting in the Fleet Sector.

Together with Lubomila Jordanova, CEO of Plan A, Markus Deusing, CEO of Alphabet International, highlights the groundbreaking collaboration of those two forward-looking companies. The resulting next-generation decarbonisation tool is set to redefine how fleet businesses across the globe approach carbon reduction.

What to expect of this first episode:

  • Insights from Alphabet's European Fleet Emission Monitor, revealing the challenges companies face in achieving their CO2 reduction goals.
  • Implications of the 2024 CSRD on CO2 emissions tracking and reporting.
  • A detailed look at the innovative tool birthed from the Plan A and Alphabet collaboration, designed to empower businesses on their net-zero journey: The Alphabet Carbon Manager.

As we set the stage for this transformational conversation, you are cordially invited to watch and engage with our all-new video format.

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🎧 Prefer audio? This video is also available as a podcast on Podigee and other podcast players.

Uschi, the host, Lubomila Jordanova CEO of Plan A, and Markus Deusing CEO of Alphabet International
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