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Alphabet mastered the 2020 hurdles and looks back on a solid year

posted on 6/14/2022
2020 in review infographic

Alphabet looks back on a solid business year despite the 2020 challenges – particularly in the eMobility segment: In the past year, Alphabet was able to continue its growth story in this area and put 26,000 EVs and PHEVs on the road. This translates to nearly 5 % market share of all EV/PHEV registrations in the 13 relevant countries.

The awareness and demand for sustainable, alternative fleet options did not decrease, even during the pandemic, and Alphabet has been one of the drivers of this development. This conclusion can be drawn looking at the company’s current business figures: After a substantial growth of the xEV portfolio over the last five years, it expanded even further in 2020 by another 26,000 vehicles, growing the segment by 34 % in total compared to the previous year.

Marco Lessacher, CEO of Alphabet International: “With our eMobility route we developed a holistic consulting approach to deliver tailor-made solutions to our customers. Our AlphaElectric offering allows us an in-depth customer analysis that encompasses everything from the right vehicle selection to the appropriate infrastructure on site, in public and at home. We understand that providing solutions with extensive consulting and great flexibility is key in running an eMobility fleet, and this pays off for our customers.”

Alphabet’s total portfolio has slightly decreased but stabilised at around 700,000 leasing vehicles. As a consequence of the pandemic, the order volume slowed down but could be kept above the 200,000 mark. “2020 has been a difficult year for all of us”, Lessacher explains. “The slight decrease in orders was a natural reaction to the severely changed business situation, which led to reduced mileages, requests to extend contracts and a clear demand for more flexibility. We answered this development with highly flexible products such as our rental solutions including AlphaRent and of course, our increased support on all levels. Looking back on what we achieved for our customers gives me every confidence for the future”. Furthermore, Alphabet expanded its global presence in 2020 to now 31 markets, with Australia and New Zealand through the OneNet Partner Network.

Looking ahead, Alphabet sees a positive development despite the current challenges: Latest forecasts suggest the new business in 2021 to grow to pre-crisis level again. The business mobility provider assumes that every fifth leased vehicle of them will be electrified. This means, that the estimated growth in the eMobility segment will be twice as high as the overall new business growth. Marco Lessacher: “But not only eMobility will dominate the upcoming year. Two other strong developments also play a vital role for our customers: The further customised digitalisation of services for constant support and a high degree in flexibility in all areas. We ensure this for our customers in order to make them and their fleet future-ready”.

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