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5 Questions to Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-Founder of Plan A

posted on 2/27/2024

“Because there is no Plan B for our planet” – with these words, Lubomila Jordanova, CEO and Co-Founder of Plan A, underlines the importance of companies taking action to reduce their carbon footprint. The Berlin-based company has developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that combines technologies with scientific standards and methodologies to enable carbon accounting, decarbonisation and ESG reporting. Lubomila Jordanova talks about her motivations, and why data play a central role in working towards a greener mobility – also in fleet business. Moreover, she provides insights into the capabilities of the innovative decarbonisation tool, Alphabet Carbon Manger, developed in partnership with Alphabet International.

Lubomila, could you please explain the business model of Plan A? What differentiates Plan A from other carbon monitoring solutions? 
Plan A is a sustainability software and service provider offering solutions to measure, monitor, and reduce carbon emissions. Our SaaS platform combines technologies with scientific standards and methodologies to enable scalable, time-efficient, and cost-effective sustainable business transformation.

We offer an end-to-end software solution which automates CO2 emission calculations, carbon reduction planning, as well as regulation and audit proof ESG reporting. In other words: We empower businesses to manage their entire net-zero journey in one platform hub. More than just a software provider, we want to help shape the future of the sustainable economy. Because there is no Plan B for our planet.

How does a fleet analysis with Plan A work? What are the steps and stages?
We use advanced data analytics and automatisation to track emissions in real-time. It can integrate with a wide range of systems. Plus, it provides detailed reports and insights which help businesses to identify areas for improvement. Companies make their existing data available. Where there are gaps, we use proxy measurements. This enables them to see the sustainability picture from all their different sources in a single place.

Which role does data play in sustainability? 
Data is key in reducing carbon emissions, and eventually to business success. I mean, you need to know your starting point in order to measure changes. Only those who know their status quo can change it. With the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) coming in 2024, companies must act. However, many struggle to accurately measure and monitor their carbon footprint. They lack the appropriate reporting solution to develop targeted decarbonisation strategies. We are here to help, providing solid reporting and supporting with our data expertise. To provide the fleet industry with the proper decarbonisation tool, we have joined forces with Alphabet to help companies best manage their emissions.

Lubomila Jardanova - ceo - plan a

Can you tell us more about the partnership with Alphabet?
Alphabet and Plan A share a common vision. We both want to tackle climate change and help our customers achieve their climate goals. With road transport accounting for more than a quarter of the EU's total carbon emissions, we see significant potential for reductions. That is why we have combined our expertise and resources to provide fleet managers with a powerful tool, the Alphabet Carbon Manager.

What are the standout features of the Alphabet Carbon Manager that you think can assist companies in reducing CO2 emissions effectively?
It allows users to track and analyse emissions according to the standard procedures of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and to identify actions to reduce CO2 emissions. For managing the net-zero journey, including data collection, emissions calculation, reduction target setting, action planning and non-financial reporting, the Alphabet Carbon Manager provides an all-in-one platform. The tool accurately measures carbon footprints across various dimensions, consolidates data from multiple sources and uses real-time tracking and analysis. Also, it provides comprehensive reports and insights to identify areas for improvement. Following this comprehensive process, the platform generates compliance reports that allow companies to have a holistic view of their sustainability metrics. We are very proud to be able to support fleet managers on their comprehensive decarbonisation journey with our joint tool.

To find out more about our cooperation with Plan A and the Alphabet Carbon Manager, have a look at the inaugural episode of #AlphabetOnAir, our brand-new video format where we are discussing the most important issues in the mobility industry:

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