Since the very first year of operation Alphabet Polska has been growing twice as fast as the CFM market!

The company’s fast growth trend in 2004 increased to 44% in comparison with the previous year which means that Alphabet Polska pace of growth was half as fast as Car Fleet Management market’s.

The year 2005 was finished with the result of over 3 000 cars in car fleet management.

After 2006 this number increased to over 3 800 cars in portfolio,

The year 2007 finished for Alphabet Polska with exceptional fleet growth. The company's portfolio increased to over 5 000 cars.

The year 2008 was the next year of continous growth, the number of cars at the end of the was 7 096.

In 2009 the global crisis influenced also the CFM market. The company finished the year with a slight growth and 8 190 cars in portfolio.

2010 was a very successful year for the Polish fleet market. The end of the economic slowdown positively influenced also the results of ING Car Lease. The company finished the year with a growth and 9353 cars in portfolio.

In 2011, despite difficult market situation, Alphabet Polska managed to maintain 2% growth rate, with 10 206 cars in the fleet at the end of the year.

Another year turned out very challenging for the whole long-term rental industry, which shown in the results. However, for Alphabet Polska 2012 was closed with the growth exceeding the pace of the overall market growth, 11% vs. 9 %.

In 2013 the number of new vehicles in Alphabet's portfolio was also twice as large as in the previous year, which accounted for a growth pace repeatedly exceeding the market average when it comes to portfolio growth.

In 2014 Alphabet reached the number of 12 000 cars in its fleet and held almost 9% of the Polish CFM market.

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