Fleet Management Services

Save time and money with Alphabet's services.

  • Maintenance and repair

    • Alphabet provides you with professional maintenance and repair services that will keep your fleet safe all year long.

    • Key benefits:

      • repairs made only by approved service centres
      • prompt repair and replacement of parts
      • cashless settlements
      • attractive discounts for parts and services

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  • Tyre service

    • Alphabet not only handles winter/summer tyre change over operations, but also monitors the tyre wear in your fleet.

    • Key benefits:

      • tyres recommended by manufacturers
      • extensive servicing network
      • storage management
      • cashless settlements
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  • Insurance

    • Having your fleet insured with Alphabet will reduce your ever increasing insurance costs. Use our purchase power, benefit from attractive discounts and reduce costs by paying your insurance contribution with the monthly lease payment.

    • Key benefits:

      • lower costs
      • less formal procedures
      • insurance contribution included in the monthly payment
      • scope adjusted to your fleet's needs
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  • Claims adjustment

    • You have damaged your car and need help with claims adjustment? No worries - Alphabet will take care of it for you. With our comprehensive claims adjustment service, the repair will be made in a service centre approved by Alphabet and you will be provided with a replacement car for the time of repair.

    • Key benefits:

      • comprehensive claims adjustment
      • limited time of claims adjustment
      • replacement car
      • minimum formal procedures
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  • Assistance

    • Defect, crash, towing? No worries - Alphabet will take care of it for you. Our Assistance team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you whenever you need support.

    • Key benefits:

      • comprehensive assistance service
      • availability at any time, 7 days a week
      • time and money savings
      • availability in Poland and abroad

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  • Replacement car

    • If your car had a damage or mechanical failure and has to stay in the repair workshop for a longer time, we will ensure the mobility of your fleet by providing you with a replacement car.

    • Key benefits:

      • guaranteed mobility
      • international option
      • flexibility as to the scheduled dates
      • 24h a day availability of cars through Alphabet Assistance
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  • Fuel cards

    • Fuel cards are an easy and fast option for a cashless purchase of fuel for your fleet. One invoice and a detailed report guarantee a smooth settlement and fuel expense control.

    • Key benefits:

      • easy expense administration
      • current cashless settlements
      • regular car mileage monitoring
      • possibility to monitor fuel consumption
      • possibility to pay motorway tolls
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  • Short-term rental

    • Short-term rental is a solution which enables us to promptly provide you with additional or replacement cars to ensure full mobility of your fleet.

    • Key benefits:

      • fleet mobility
      • cost savings
      • integrated settlements
      • attractive rental rates and terms
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  • Reports

    • With Alphabet reports you can have full control over your fleet. The scope of data contained in the reports can be individually adjusted to meet your needs.

    • Key benefits:

      • complete cost analysis
      • overview of services provided
      • fuel consumption analysis
      • list of traffic offences
      • analysis of winter/summer tyre change over
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  • Vehicle logistics

    • Have you already chosen your car? Alphabet will take care of the vehicle purchase, registration, hand-out and return.

    • Key benefits:

      • comfort and time savings
      • always on time
      • quick official release
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  • Safety Program

    • Safety of your fleet and drivers is our priority. We will help you to analyse damage reports and adjust the scope of training to match your fleet's needs.

    • Key benefits:

      • improvement of drivers' skills
      • reduced damage ratio in the fleet
      • reduced insurance contributions
      • fuel savings

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  • CO2 Compensation

    • Alphabet takes a responsible approach to the environment by offering effective ways to minimise fleet CO2 emissions.

      Thanks to a new international cooperation with First Climate, Alphabet provides companies with an effective and hassle-free way of lowering their fleets’ carbon impact.

    • Key benefits:

      • Less environmental impact
      • Improved corporate image
      • Fund of carbon-reducing projects
      • Offset of emissions through carbon-reduction certificates
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