EV Experience - the largest test of electric cars in Poland

posted on 5/29/2023
Alphabet Polska na EV Experience
Photos by Goha Kenig

EV Experience - the largest test of electric cars in Poland 

For the second year in a row Alphabet Polska has become a partner of the largest electromobility celebration in Poland. During the EV Experience, participants of the event took over 1,000 test drives of over 70 electric car models.

EV Experience took place on May 26-27, 2023 at Tor Modlin. Among the visitors were training section, off-road track, EXPO zone, and many other attractions related to electromobility. This event was an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know the latest offer of vehicles and solutions available on the Polish market.

Alphabet customers also took part in the "Electromobility in theory and practice" training, which combined a huge dose of theoretical knowledge with the opportunity to practice their skills on the track. It covered a total of 6 different training modules and ended with the presentation of certificates confirming the completion of the training.

Alphabet Polska na EV Experience
Photos by Goha Kenig

The Alphabet stand attracted participants with refreshing ice cream and electrifying conversations about electric cars in fleets.

Compared to last year, when the EV Experience had its premiere, the number of cars available this year during the event was twice as large, which was also reflected in the huge popularity of test and training drives.

During just one day (Business Day), nearly 900 business representatives covered almost 3,000 kilometers, getting acquainted with over 70 electric vehicles available on the Polish market.

EV Experience Alphabet Polska
Photos by Goha Kenig
EV Experience preview
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