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A comprehensive solution for lease cars

You can use Fleet Agent, Alphabet's online tool, to view information about your vehicle and manage a range of things for your lease car. Remember to download the AlphaGuide app for your smartphone, as this will help you on your journey. You can use app to report damage to your lease vehicle or submit a fuel expenses claim.

Maintenance and repairs

Lease drivers must ensure that lease vehicles go in for maintenance according to schedule or repaired in good time. To make this easer for you, Alphabet will send you an e-mail notification if your lease vehicle requires maintenance. We will call you within five working days to ask you to schedule an appointment with your nearest franchised dealer. If you like, we can also pick up your car for free and drop it off at an arranged time and place following maintenance.

Alphabet Assistance

Car accidents are always a stressful experience, especially when they happen abroad. Wherever you are, Alphabet Assistance can provide you 24/7 useful tips right away to help you sort out practical issues. Save Alphabet Assistance's telephone number +31 (76) 571 17 11 on your phone.

Replacement car
If this has been agreed in the contract with your employer, you can use a replacement car both within the Netherlands and abroad.

Use by third parties

We have no problem with someone else driving the lease car, provided that the driver has a valid driving licence in accordance with Dutch law. If your son or daughter has received their driving licence through ‘2toDrive,’ they may drive under supervision until they are 18 provided that the driver and the front-seat passenger have a driving licence and they have the ‘companion card’ (‘begeleiderspas’) with them. However, we suggest that you first ask your employer for approval, as there may be certain restrictions that need to be taken into account.

You may not use your lease car for driving lessons, races, skills competitions or other activities that are not considered regular car trips, as your car is not insured for these situations.