Travelling abroad

Car breakdown

Having your car break down on you can put a dampener on things, especially abroad. Which is why Alphabet automatically includes a roadside assistance/car breakdown formula for all lease cars, called Alphabet Assistance. Whether you are dealing with a mechanical defect or an accident, our roadside assistance immediately springs into action to ensure you to continue to remain mobile.

The Driver Info Card in your documentation pouch provides an overview of all the covers. Together with Touring, Alphabet will make every effort to help you as quickly as possible.

You can reach Alphabet Assistance 24/7 at +32 (0) 78 15 05 35. Along the motorways in France, you are required to use the orange emergency roadside telephones.

Motoring abroad vehicle permit

If you are looking to travel to a country outside of the Schengen Area driving your lease car, you first need to apply for a certificate with Alphabet. By law, all lease companies are required to give their written permission ahead of time for such travels. During your stay in any of these countries, you must be able to show this permit to the competent authorities at all times. If you are unable to provide this permit, you risk having your car impounded.

To get a permit, please contact our Insurance Department at

To be given an accurate and complete permit, please specify the following details:

  • The car’s number plate
  • The time period of your stay: start and end date
  • The vehicle registration certificate number
  • Your destination

The permit is valid for a maximum of 6 months. No permits can be delivered for the entire duration of the lease contract.

A single emergency number for the entire European Union: 112

What to do if you find yourself in an emergency situation abroad and you do not have the emergency number for that particular country? Dialling 112 anywhere in the European Union will be answered by the local emergency services: ambulance, fire service and police.

European road traffic rules: Get up to speed!

You may already have read that all cars need to have a breathalyser test on board in France. But did you know that people who wear glasses are required to keep a spare set in their car in Spain? Or that in case of an accident or traffic queues in Austria, you are required to clear the middle section for the emergency services since 1 January 2012?

If you are going on your holidays driving your lease car, you are advised to bear in mind a number of local road traffic rules and customs. For a run-down of the rules that specifically apply in any given country that differ from the usual arrangements in Belgium, please log on to: or

What about my passengers?

Your lease contract already includes travel assistance for all problems that occur when using your car in Belgium and abroad. The vehicle’s occupants are not covered in all cases however. (In association with Touring), Alphabet enables you to take out supplementary coverage to give you and your passengers full protection. To take out this cover, the best thing to do is to contact Touring Assistance directly.

Final check before departure

Are you planning a long car journey? Be sure to check the brake fluid and the coolant, the oil level and the tyre pressure, as well as the general condition and wear of your car. This will help you avoid breaking down on the road or incurring costly repairs abroad. Also make sure you carry all required vehicle documents on board, including your driving licence, a valid insurance certificate, the vehicle registration certificate, the certificate of conformity and a European accident report form.