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Fuel management

If your company has opted for the Alphabet fuel system, you will have an Alphabet Fuel Pass that allows you to refuel at a large number of fuel stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending on the choice made by your employer, you will have one of the following fuel cards at your disposal: 

Network Fuel Card

Fleet Fuel Card



National or International

National or European

National or European

National, Benelux or European

Convenient solution with extensive coverage in Belgium and abroad

Best distribution
in Belgium

Most competitive prices for smaller quantities

Discount for large quantities

Esso, Shell, Q8, DATS24 and Lukoil

Q8, Total and Texaco


You will always receive a secret PIN code with your fuel card. Enter your kilometers reading at every refueling session. This is important for the accuracy of the reports provided by Alphabet to your company.

Fuel declaration

If you, due to circumstances, are unable to get to a terminal that accepts the card you have been issued with, you will need to settle up yourself. You can pass on the amount to Alphabet by way of the fuel declaration. Please return this form fully completed, along with the receipt to Alphabet (Ingberthoeveweg 6, 2630 Aartselaar), care of the Fuel Administration department. The sum will be paid into your account as soon as possible.

Post address Alphabet:

Afdeling Brandstof-Administratie
Ingberthoeveweg 6
2630 Aartselaar

Loss or theft of the fuel pass

If your fuel pass gets lost or stolen, please report this immediately:

Frequently asked questions about fuel cards:

Can I fill up with petrol and/or diesel?

All Alphabet fuel cards can refuel with both diesel and petrol. This is useful when you might be using a replacement car.

Can I buy Adblue with my fuel card?

Yes, but you must agree with your fleet manager on whether this applies to your company. This only concerns AdBlue at the pump: you cannot purchase it in the shop.

I have a temporary replacement car. Can I use my fuel card for it?

You can use your fuel card for a replacement vehicle. When entering the kilometre reading at the terminal, please enter 1 km instead of your actual kilometre reading: by doing so you indicate that the refuelling was for a replacement car.

I have entered the wrong PIN code three times. How can my card be unblocked?

The fuel card is automatically unblocked after 24 hours.

I would like to change the PIN code of my fuel card. How do I do this?

It isn’t possible. Every fuel card has only one unique code.

For your information, the card doesn’t have a chip, only a magnetic strip in which the PIN code is embedded.

I have lost/forgotten my PIN code. What must I do?

Our Driver Center will request a duplicate of your PIN code and send it to you via e-mail.

My card isn’t working. How can I recover the costs?

You can only recover costs using a fuel declaration form or our AlphaGuide app if you have an active fuel contract.

How long does it take to recover costs by using the fuel declaration form?

You will be reimbursed within 3 weeks at the latest.

I can only refuel with my card nationally, but my job often requires me to work abroad.

Subject to your employer’s approval, Alphabet can order an international fuel card for you. To do this, please contact Alphabet on +32 (03) 450 18 18.

Can I pay toll charges with my fuel card?

You can use your fuel card to pay toll charges for toll roads and toll tunnels, both at home and abroad. You must, however, have the approval of your employer for this.
Please note: the toll for the Liefkenshoek tunnel can only be paid with the Total fuel card, not with the NFC fuel card!

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