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Driver driving profile

What type of vehicle best fits your driving profile and/or that of your employees? 

In climate-conscious times, it is useful to know which fuel or engine type is best for your fleet. The answer? It always depends on the driver’s driving profile. Answer the questions below and discover the best options for yourself and your employees.

Driver profile

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Your options in detail

If there are much longer journeys on the motorway, Diesel is still the ideal powertrain for your company.

If shorter journeys and/or city traffic are combined, Petrol or Full Hybrid is cheaper. With Full Hybrid cars, you benefit from the support of an electric motor, which contributes to lower CO2 emissions, without having to charge the car at a socket.

Plug-in Hybrid vehicles allow you to drive electrically (for longer than a Full Hybrid vehicle) and combine it with petrol. These vehicles are often chosen to gradually make the transition to full electric driving.

If you are already convinced of the benefits of electric driving and you already have charging options or you are willing to install the necessary charging infrastructure at home or in the office, then you are perfectly placed to choose an Electric Vehicle.