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“The future is green, also for Alphabet Rent”

posted on 14/2/2022
Alphabet Rent

With Alphabet Rent you can count on flexible mobility solutions, adapted to your needs at that time. Flexibility also means keeping up with the latest trends. Alphabet Rent is a good example of this and therefore cannot be left behind. We asked Tina Gysen, Corporate Mobility Services Manager, what this evolution means.

Alphabet Rent – one of the departments within Alphabet – offers you various short-term mobility solutions. As a fleet manager, you can already lease a car from one day to 24 months, without involving a fixed lease contract. And that is useful when you are looking for maximum flexibility. From cars for foreign contacts to a vehicle for freelancers or a temporary car for new employees: with Alphabet Rent you are always offered a total solution. Managing this extensive service is the task of Corporate Mobility Services Manager Tina Gysen.

Tina, what is it you actually do at Alphabet Rent?

As Corporate Mobility Services Manager, I am responsible for various departments including Alphabet Rent. I have been working in this position for almost 10 years now, focusing primarily on short-term mobility solutions for our customers. These solutions are available both for customers who have a lease contract and for Alphabet Rent-only customers. We therefore supply temporary vehicles, replacement cars or cars for short projects, and we offer Add-on Mobility as well.

How do you like to make a difference with Alphabet Rent

I can safely say that our customers always receive a first-class service. This ranges from offering high-quality vehicles to smooth invoicing – all costs are included. We also offer an extensive choice of vehicles and are able to keep everyone mobile. That is often quite a challenge in the current circumstances. Despite the supply issues due to the shortage of semiconductors in the automotive industry, we have always been able to keep our customers mobile and have received many positive reactions. Our fleet has doubled in the last year and we have experienced tremendous growth due to the delay in deliveries as well as the demand for flexibility by our customers.

Does Alphabet’s recent rebranding also have an effect on Alphabet Rent?

Absolutely. Alphabet’s rebranding goes far beyond a new logo and a fresh look. Our organisation’s vision is constantly developing. Alphabet Rent fits in perfectly with this vision and is committed to sustainability. We are following the lease fleet and are increasingly deploying electric vehicles.

Alphabet is fully committed to sustainability. And Alphabet Rent is not lagging behind.

Are these electric vehicles already popular with Alphabet Rent customers?

We are definitely seeing an increase in demand for electric vehicles, yet the majority still opt for diesel and petrol vehicles. Many customers are already on board, some customers still have to make the switch and are waiting. That is why we try to encourage them by introducing them to electric or hybrid driving. For example, if customers need a replacement car, we are happy to offer them a (PH)EV. Customers then become curious and discover the advantages of electric driving in an accessible way.

When customers need a replacement car, we like to offer them an EV so they can gain a first experience.

How do they react after such an experience?

We see that doubts disappear immediately when customers try out an electric vehicle for a few days. Initial concerns like the range of the car or charging and handling of the charging cable don’t seem to be a problem at all. We also provide customers with a comprehensive explanation and the required manuals can also be found in the car. For an EV vehicle we even provide a charging card covering running costs so customers don’t have to worry about this. When they return the car, we really only hear positive feedback.

Why are some Alphabet Rent customers already choosing electric driving?

Fortunately, we are all concerned with sustainability. Therefore young people in particular already prefer electric vehicles. It is also attractive for tax purposes, including for Alphabet Rent customers. This is not relevant for replacement vehicles that you only use for one day, but you do pay for a benefit in kind on short-lease and short-term vehicles.

How do you see the electrification of Alphabet Rent evolving?

Currently, 100 of our 3,000 vehicles are electric or hybrid, and progress is rapid. This year, 15% of the cars we bought are electric and plug-in hybrid and we are fully engaged in greening our fleet. Nevertheless, Alphabet Rent will continue to have regular combustion engine vehicles for some time, and that is a conscious choice we are making. Our Add-on Mobility product is a good example of this: lease customers can exchange their electric car for an Alphabet Rent car with a combustion engine when they need it using our Fleet Agent tool, which allows you to manage your fleet online. This is useful, for example, when going on holiday or business trips.

Although this will be increasingly less necessary in the coming years. The number of charge points will grow, the range of EVs will increase sharply and more and more people will drive electric full-time. I strongly believe in this green future and in Alphabet’s sustainable vision. 


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